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Vivo V7 Energetic Blue: Color That Everyone Loves

Given how indispensable smartphones are becoming to our daily lives, companies are exploring new avenues to draw in more and more customers. Due to intense online competition, certain businesses are more hardware-focused, while other brands are now solely focused on meeting market expectations from customers. As of right now, the most sought-after product on the market is a selfie camera. In order to address all of these issues, Vivo has released the Vivo V7, a new smartphone. With the added function of moonlight shine as an LED flash, this device’s 24-megapixel selfie camera will let users to take the greatest photos even in low light. Compared to previous Vivo devices, there has been a significant improvement in both camera performance and application.

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Previously the phone was launched in Gold color but finally, they launched another color in the Indian market which is one of the most demanded and loved the color. Vivo Launched Vivo V7 in Energetic Blue color. This color is said to be the most favorite by the male as it features a sport which is Indian Cricket team. The specs and features which we get with this device are same in what we get in Vivo V7 other color variants.

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Design & Display


As Always Vivo V7 comes with a very sleek design with metal and glass build all over. The Blue color which we get this time suits up a lot with that metal body and infinity display. For antennas, the brand has given up silver lining all around the frame of the phone which adds up more humor and luxury to the smartphone. We get an infinity display with the ratio of 18:9. We get a 5.7-inch panel which makes it look very premium. In short, the design of this phone seems to best which you get under Rs. 20,000 segment.

Camera & Music

Vivo phones are always on top of their camera as well as Music quality. These are the only two features which are being needed by Indian youth these days. College Students want to capture every moment in picture and selfies as well as they want high-quality music all the time. Due to this Vivo is quite mainly focused on Camera with a great selfie as well as great audio using earphones are without earphones.

This time in Vivo V7 they came up with 24 MP front-facing camera with added moonlight front-facing flash. At the back for better shots, they have also given a 16 MP camera which also captures great shots.

They have also added a beauty mode on the camera which removes any imperfections from the face and makes the pictures look beautiful. This is the most used feature used by any selfie lover. Everyone needs to look best in their shots and this camera with added features make it happen without using any kind of professional application.

Whereas, when we come on to the music capabilities of the phone it is really very impressive. In the box, they have included earphones are pretty good in quality and you are surely going to love the music experience. The overall nice audio quality which we get with this smartphone.

Performance & Battery Life


The phone comes with Snapdragon 450 processor which features a 4 GB Ram. This combo makes it a perfect device for under 20,000 segments. Out of 32 GB of internal storage you get about 24.5 GB free, even after that, you can expand it to up-to 256GB because of the phone support dedicated Micro SD card Slot.

Our Antutu score is 55103, and some of the other scores are equally excellent. They have included all the sensors that a typical person would need in addition to the large screen and excellent selfie feature. Because this device supports a gyroscope sensor, we can also use VR with it. You will receive accurate results even while using GPS because it features an orientation and magnetic sensor.

When it comes to the gaming section, we can play nearly every game. Even on the highest level for Asphalt 8, I have not experienced any latency or frame dropouts in my usage. Every game functions flawlessly, even at the most advanced settings. I’ve tried using the Adreno 506 GPU and the Snapdragon 450 processor to play most games, including Asphalt 8, Shadow Fight 3, Batman, and Bully. In the lengthy gaming sessions I’ve had in Delhi, India, I have also not experienced any temperature problems.

When it comes to the battery, the Vivo V7 has a 3,000mAh capacity.To charge from 0% to 100% with their usual charger, it took roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes total. Even with my extensive use of a dual SIM card and a WiFi hotspot throughout the entire day Calling, texting, and browsing all day long. I had 35% battery life when I left at the end of the day.

This means you need to worry about battery while using the phone it will last you long.

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According to the pricing which is now being lowered down by the brand, it is a nice buy. The best buy for selfie lovers as well as best buy for a large display and great handiness.

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