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Ever saw a font and thought what font is this? Identifying a font just by looking at them is a tough job since there are a large variety of fonts present. What if there was an application to detect and identify What Font Is This Image, exact name of the font so that you can use it in the future. Wouldn’t that be great?

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We are talking about the WhatTheFont Mobile app which does the task of identifying fonts for you. You may be familiar with the desktop version of this amazing application. Well, its mobile version has a completely new redesigned and streamlined way to identify fonts.

Learn to know what font is this using this

What Font Is This Image From WhatTheFont Mobile App

This application is actually powered by deep learning branch of artificial intelligence which makes it more fast and accurate. Deep learning gives it an advantage over the desktop version, you cannot identify connected scripts or multiple fonts in the same image. But the mobile application helps you to overcome the limitations of the desktop version. With deep learning, the system is able to learn more and more in the process of identifying new fonts.


WhatTheFont Mobile App

Now that was all the conceptual knowledge. Now we’ll discuss step by step about how to use this application.

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Step 1. First of all capture the font you want to identify. Make sure the picture taken is clear enough.

Find What Font Is This Image

Step 2. Now the application will detect all the fonts available in your picture by highlighting them in a dotted box.

Step 3. Now you can choose the font about which you wish to inquire.

What Font Is This techniblogic

Step 4. The application will give all the best possible results which match your font type. You can check them out individually if you wish.

Step 5. You can also try your own text in the font style that you just encountered.

Our Opinion:

Since this application is powered by AI, it completes the whole identification process in an instant. So there is no excess time consumption and the results produced are accurate as well. One advantage of this application is that you can identify multiple fonts present in a single picture as well as identify connected scripts easily.

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If you’re a sort of person who loves typography, or you’re a designer, crafter or anyone who loves creativity, you should certainly try this amazing application. Get ideas and inspiration from anywhere anytime. The good thing is you can also learn some cool font names too. You can download and run this application both on iOS as well as Android.

How do you understand which font it this?

Once you have a digital image, you can upload the image to a website like WhatTheFont. WhatTheFont ‘reads’ the font in your image and compares it to thousands it holds in its database.

Is there an app for identifying fonts?

Identify fonts in a snap! Take a photo of a design you love – WhatTheFont recognizes the fonts and shows font matches

How do I identify what font is this in a PDF?

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, open the PDF file and select Properties by pressing Ctrl+D or clicking on File. 

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