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What is the Netflix Download Limit? You Have Downloads on too Many Devices

Streaming service like Netflix has risen in India like a debut pop star from film industries. And unlike any debut star, it also has some impact on our life such as our internet daily use; right. There is no doubt that the content on Netflix is exemplary, albeit it has some of the finest video libraries on the internet, it also has the potential to turn the population who watches pirated content on the internet.

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But watching videos on premium video streaming platform comes with both perks and drawbacks like you can watch anywhere but it has to be online. At this time, the offline video download comes at the rescue. And I’ll guess today, most of the premium video streaming service does offer offline video download to its subscriber. But there might be a problem that most of the people don’t tend to address in the offline download; the download limit.


As any video streaming platform who tend to market their move of offline download as a revolutionary concept, Netflix has also done that and I’m okay with it but let’s just say, one always need a ‘terms and conditions’ on every feature, isn’t it? As we all know that there is a download limit on Netflix and you can only download content to a limit. So, let’s further dive into the mystery of offline download.

Netflix Download Limit of the specific content

Not most of the streaming services but Netflix, in particular, has set a download limit on specific content. Such as a series that just came out or any old movie that you want to see. Preliminary that happens whenever there is an agreement issue with Netflix and the production house that has licenced Netflix to show its content. So, if you happen to have encountered with such video then don’t bother calling the customer support, just watch it online.

Netflix Download Limit of every user

As we all know that Netflix allows the 1-4 screen to view at a time on all different profile in one account. There is a certain set of download limit for the entire account which effects to all the people using Netflix, and the reason I’m saying this because I myself has faced this issue and it’s very thought-provoking yet jocular story, so hear me out.

At Techniblogic we tend to push boundaries multiple times to test features of certain…I’m just being goofy. So, one day and I don’t know how, my friend downloaded maybe two or three complete TV series and maybe 3-4 movies or something from his profile and when I clicked to download a movie on my phone, Netflix displayed me an error.

Netflix says ‘You have downloaded on too many devices. (BRL.23000)’

And I was like what? Because from what I gather as a premium Ultra HD user that I can watch whatever and especially and very-very importantly Netflix don’t get to decide how much I watch, I’m paying for the service eventually, right? So, I chatted with the customer support and they told me that there is a download limit on the content for let’s just piracy reasons. You can watch as much as you can while online but on offline, there is a limit on the downloads. Oh god!

We are still not certain how much of movie (in GB) one can download offline, as far as we know there is just limit. Solution to this issue is that you have to remove some of the downloads from another device so you can enjoy offline, that’s it.

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Yeah, so that’s all for this folk. Please do drop your suggestion and your Netflix story down below and don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube channel for the awesome content that we produce.

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Kamlesh Ranjan
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