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WhatsApp Testing New Message Text Formatting Tools In Beta


WhatsApp is developing text formatting features that would be useful for developers. According to rumors there are three new formatting options have reportedly been added to the most current beta version of WhatsApp for Desktop. These enhancements make it simpler for WhatsApp users to create, send, and decipher codes. Future versions of Android and iOS may support the tools as well. Sharing high-definition photos on WhatsApp has just been made available to everyone on the main channel.

WhatsApp is reportedly developing three new text formatting capabilities that will make it simpler to understand and share technical codes on the network, as reported by WABetaInfo, which monitors the development. In order to decipher technical codes, WhatsApp may soon have a “Code Block” function, according to the article. Software engineers, programmers, and others may find it useful to trade little bits of code through the app.

Meanwhile, the “Quote” function is said to be part of the new collection of tools. It’s been said that this new formatting option would make it easier for chat participants to return to earlier exchanges. According to the article, unlike the app’s existing quote text capability, this under-development quote text formatting tool would allow users to quote a particular area of a text and react to it directly.

The third app is said to let WhatsApp users compose lists of objects inside messages. A snapshot of the updated editor is included in the report.

However, the App has not yet announced a date for when all beta users will get access to these functionalities. The tools are currently in the beta testing phase of development. The messaging platform may provide the feature as part of a beta update before releasing it to the stable channel, or it may decide not to release the feature at all.

Sharing high-definition photos has just been made available on WhatsApp. Users on all platforms (Android, iOS, and desktop) will be able to send and receive high-resolution photographs in their conversations. A little ‘HD’ symbol will be appended to the photographs that have been delivered in HD quality. Meta has also revealed its imminent support for high-definition video.

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