Get Up to 8 People on a WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp Video Call
WhatsApp Video Call

Nowadays, People, all over the world are using Video Conferencing applications in order to connect with their families, friends, or even for office meetings or for online classes.  Everyone is using Zoom or some other third party applications which are not at all safe for your usage and some are even paid. Because of the social distancing and Lockdown almost everywhere, the only way for the people to connect is via social media applications. Considering the demand, WhatsApp has now doubled the limit from four to eight for the people who are using the beta versions of the app on iOS and Android. You can do a Whatsapp Video Call for up to 8 people in new beta version of Whatsapp. Soon official release will also be available via Playstore update. You can get the latest feature, but for that you need to install:

Whatsapp Versions on which WhatsApp Video Call up to 8 People is available

  • 20.50.25 iOS beta update from TestFlight for iOS devices.
  • 20.133 beta from Google Play for Android devices

Limitation: In case if any of the group member fails to download the latest version, he/she will not be able to join the group video call which means every member need to be on same updated version of Whatsapp.

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Moreover, with Zoom coming into the limelight for its flawed privacy policies, there is a high chance of people switching to a reliable video-conferencing application. So why should WhatsApp stay behind? WhatsApp used this opportunity in its favor and has come up with an exciting feature, where 8 people can now participate in a video conversation. It can be used to conduct meetings where the number of participants is either 8 or less than 8.

Wondering, how to add up to 8 people in a group chat?

WhatsApp Video Call
WhatsApp Video Call


Open the group. Hit the call icon and start the chat. If the number of participants is equal to 4, the call will automatically start. Else, you will have to select the contacts, in-case if there is a bigger group of people. This is the simplest way you can do it.

In-case if you have not received the update despite downloading the latest versions, wait for some time, it will come to you sooner or later. The delay might be because WhatsApp is slowly rolling out the feature

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