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We all use PDF, read PDF in our daily routine. One or another document which we find online or in the mail will be in PDF format. It is because is a start format and can be used to digitally sign the document as well as can be protected by using different privacy tools in it.

But, still, some basic problem is there with it i.e. you cannot easily convert the file to other formats like word, excel, epub or vice versa. We cannot even edit or fill any form directly on PDF it is being restricted doing that. We can even limit selecting and copy of Text in PDF which make it more secure. SO, if you still want to do all kinds of editing stuff or converting files, adding watermark, password and many other things you need a third party software for that and here that software is Wondershare PDFelement which is one of the best PDF editings and converting software. You can even scan an Image and edit it using OCR plugin available in the software.

So starting with:

Downloading and Installing 


Though it is a premium software you can always download a Trial-Version and if you like it go and buy one. you can download it from PDFelement & you can install it normally like other software. If you want to use trail you can select trial version over there and if not just place you Licence code and email ID and activate your premium Copy for it, and you are ready to use the software with all the features.

Creating New PDF


After the process of registering and installing, the first thing which you can do is creating a basic New PDF document using this software. So, to start what you need to do first is just open up the application, select “File” and then select “New.”

It will automatically create a new document. Now, you can add Text, Images, TextBox and use multiple options with very comfortable. You can Simply enter the content you want and deselect the option to leave the text box as it is. Adding image to the sheet is like just adding an image in powerpoint, Go into “Edit” and then select “Add Image.” Using this it will insert the picture, and you can just adjust the height and width by some clicks of the mouse.

Once everything is done in the document, you can save the document as PDF. Just Go to “File” and then select “Save.” Just enter the filename you want it to be and click “Save” Button.

Using OCR


One of the most used and best features which i liked the most is OCR (Optical character recognition) which means you can scan any of the document using scanner or your phone and add that image in the OCR, and it will automatically detect the text and other content and will make it editable. But here is a twist you need to additionally purchase this plugin for PDFelement, it won’t be there with initial basic purchase of the software.

So, Once you done with getting OCR installed on PDFelement, you can only use it by opening any of the scanned files, it can be an image or PDF or any other format, it will show you whether to perform an OCR scan or not. Say yes over there. It will scan the file and will detect all the elements which can be easily editable in the archive.

This is the simplest method which can be used to perform OCR scan in PDF Element.

Converting PDF File


Some of the great features which are being mostly used are also being there in PDFelement. You can convert any PDF file into any of the formats you need like, Word, Excel, Epub, HTML or any other which you want.


So to start, you need to open the PDF, and just go to HOME and click on convert this file to the format you want. You can even do wise verses by adding any doc or excel file and save it as PDF.

Creating FORM


You must have seen so many forms which are available online to fill. When you fill those FORM and save it, it automatically converts into a PDF file. Now you can also create such form for office purpose or College very easily.

So, here what you need to do is that just open a Blank PDF file which I have already mentioned above in the article and then go in FORM, there you will find all the option which are required to make a form like tick button, boxes and all the things which are being used while making a professional FORM. You can even use predefined format which is available In PDFelement to create your own style by making some of the changes you want to do.



The added feature which is also available in PDFelement is adding privacy in your file very quickly. These days securing your files is the most important thing, so that no one else can access your data without your permission. So to do that, just go into the PRIVACY option, and you can add the privacy in your file as per the usage, you can encrypt it, do a digital signature or even add a password to your file.

It will ultimately make your file more safe and secure to access.


Finally coming to the final verdict for using PDF Element and OCR, it is pretty easy and simple to use. One of the best things about software is that it very has almost all the necessary features which a basic user need as well as loads up with some advanced features which are mostly used by office people. So, if you want to create professional documents and edit them easily in PDF only, then this is for you. The software is available for Windows as well as MAC, so no need to worry about it.

Hopefully, this article will solve all of your problems regarding PDF format and what all you can do using this Application.

Download Here 

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