NanoPhone C comes from the company called Elari which target people who want to stay ‘disconnected.’ from the social world. The device is exclusively available on In the era of bezel-less smartphone with high edge to edge screens there are still many user who want to only use a keypad dialer phone with very nominal usage. For those yerha comes up with the NanoPhone C 2nd gen from a company called Elari. The phone is called as the world’s smallest GSM handset and it perfectly looks like. The price of the phone is set at Rs 2,999 on The phone is available in Platinum Silver, Rose Gold, Black Anthracite colors.

Earlier the company launches the first gen of NanoPhone C with the price of Rs 3,940. The phone comes with aluminium body and silicon keypad and weights hardly 30 grams. The phone also has a Bluetooth support for basic use. The phone supports 32 GB microSD and has microSIM card slots. The phone also has Bluetooth Call Recorder, Calculator, MP3 player, FM radio, Alarm and a Voice Recorder which are basic necessity for any user.

The NanoPhone C has small 1.0-inch TFT display with a resolution of mere 96×128 pixels. The phone comes with Mediatek MT6261D processor coupled with 32MB of RAM. The device offers 4 days of standby time with about 4 hours of calling capacity. Here we get a battery pack of 280mAh.

The phone also has a Magic Voice function which helps you to make prank call your friends with funny sounds.


  1. 280 mAh is so little 😀 imagine this phone launched back in Year 2000. It could have been record breaking one. This phone can be used for emergency calls like you can put it in your dashboard or carry in your backpack. It might save your life someday.


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