Xiaomi Mijia LCD Writing Tablet Board with Pen – Best Gadget for Kids!

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Writing Tablet with Pen

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The LCD blackboard writing Tablet comes with an Ultra-light magnetic Pen. The pen weighs only 7g and it is a runway-type of pen that is designed in a way that can be easily handled by both adults and children. The pen comes with a super steel writing head which makes writing intestines, feel natural and children can easily use.

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Coming on to the LCD Blackboard, the LCD Blackboard ensures pressure-sensitive writing, Ulta clear handwriting, comes with a magnetic absorption and is lightweight and portable. The Blackboard features Blue-green handwriting, clear display, and provides the real writing experience of traditional paper and the smooth experience of the LCD Screen.

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Writing Tablet with Pen

The smart blackboard comes with a highly sensitive pressure sensing technology. The thickness of the handwriting is affected by the writing pressure. The pressure is bigger and thicker and the fingertip or other objects can be used on the screen to achieve no delay writing. It comes with the built-in stylus that makes the writing experience better.  The LCD blackboard does not hurt the eyes, the screen does not self-illuminate. The characteristics are the same as the paper, and the screen is not easy to fatigue when used for a long time. The smart LCD Blackboard offers pressure-sensitive writing, no dust, no ink, safe and healthy.

Specifications :

Color Black
Material ABS + LCD
Size S is 10 Inch:
L 17.3cm x D 24.4cm x H 0.7cm
L is 13.5 Inch:
L 22.5cm x 31.8cm x 0.7cm
Weight S is 10 Inch: 195g
L is 13.5 Inch: 345g
Pen Weight 7g
Power Battery
Use Time 365 Days


The LCD Screen consumes a small amount of power and can be used in office for group discussion, convenient communication. It can also be sued for Sketch, essay writing, brainstorm, record team thinking results anytime, anywhere. The tablet can also be used by parent-child for learning through drawing.

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The original price of the LCD BLACKBOARD WRITING TABLET WITH PEN is $43.82 but as per the offer, the tablet is only available at $39.99 or you can compare prices on different websites as shown.

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