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Xiaomi MiTu WiFi FPV with 720P HD Camera

Earlier the drones were used by armies to get various reports or status of their rivals but since the time has passed, this drone technology has become quite famous. People are accepting this new form of technology and in fact, are using it to play games and stuff. It has become a new source of entertainment. Thus, presenting you with the Xiaomi MiTu Drone which is a mini RC Drone Quad copter of BNF type.

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Before coming to the specifications of this drone, you must know that it is a BNF type drone. BNF stands for Bind-and-Fly. In any of the BNF models, you’ll need to have a controller that is compatible with your drone. Coming to its specifications, MiTu uses 5.8GHz high-frequency WiFi technology which makes the remote-control distance up to 50m. It is also capable of providing FPV HD image transmission meaning a real-time image transmission in high quality. It can also be controlled via a Bluetooth controller.Xiaomi MITU Drone

Xiaomi MiTu RC drone has got a 720p HD Camera which makes it deliver images in a resolution of 1600 × 1200. The video resolution developed is 1280 × 720. If you’re wondering where this data will get the store, then don’t worry because it has an inbuilt 4GB storage space making it sufficient enough to store all your pictures and videos. Design-wise, it is quite impressive and unique. The toughness of the material ensures the safety of this device. Since it’s a mini-drone, the wheelbase is only 11cm long and the weight is just 88g. So, it’s quite handy to take it anywhere you wish.

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One feature you’ll surely love about this drone is that you can play multi-machine infrared battle function with your friend or whomsoever you feel like. The only requirement is that both of you should have this same drone. While playing the game, if the head or tail of drone is hit then the HP(hit position) will reduce. As soon as the HP of a drone becomes zero, it can no further attack. You can either re-join or quit. This whole technology is good and is surely provides a great deal of entertainment to you and your family. You can buy it at ₹5,417.16 on www.banggood.com.

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