XQUAD: Smart Location Tracking Without Phones


Have you ever imagined a scenario in which you get separated from your group and also lost your phone connection? Or a situation in which any of your family members, kids or pets have lost in the crowd? What will you do?

This might not be your worst nightmare, so don’t worry, XQUAD is the ultimate solution for finding your group, family, friends, kids or pets.

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This device allows you to go off-cellular in a long-range and share real-time location information with each member. You can even send messages and set safe zones for kids and pets.

XQUAD uses a radio frequency protocol that empowers it a long-range, reliable communication up to 3.7 miles.

It has its own powerful geographic information acquisition system with which it can exchange geo-info among devices in the same group.

How to use it?

Using XQUAD, you can get the real-time location of up to 30 people directly on one screen. This GPS tracking device is working globally to find friends or kids or pets in crowds, in remote areas, at festivals, or anywhere under the open sky.

You can also set up a Safe Zone for your group. Safe zone moves with the leader, and if anyone crosses it, an alarm will be triggered to notify each member of the group.

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In case if you are stuck anywhere, or you are in any danger, you can trigger an emergency SOS alert by holding any two buttons at the same time. An emergency notification will be broadcasted to everyone in the group.

You can use the Screen Off / Pets Mode to extend the battery life up to 30%. It will switch off the screen and deactivate the rotatory nob. It has a multipurpose

Spring Bar set that can be worn around your wrist, backpack, or can even attach to a pet leash.



  • Real-time tracking  up to 30 people
  • Battery life up to 72 hours
  • Signal range up yo 3.7 mile/6 km
  • Location accuracy up to 3.3ft/1m
  • Off-cellular messaging and broadcasting
  • 4 satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou)
  • Virtual perimeter or safe zone can be created and SOS alert
  • 100% off-cellular (no network, no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth, and no monthly fee)
  • IP67 Water and Dustproof

Why should one buy this?

When you are in any outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, climbing, biking, boating or camping, XQUAD can locate everyone, and each one of you can see the real-time location of each member. There is no need for any network or Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or phone.

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XQUAD uses innovative technology to track people as it collects each members’ real-time location and puts them in a more comprehensive radar map so that you will be able to know who is close to you and who is falling behind.


Though the device is not available at e-commerce website such as amazon, it is available worldwide with a shipping charge from Indegogo.com. The retail price of the tracker is $197  you can buy in less if you hurry; they are offering discounts.

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