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hey friends after a long wait Micromax has finally launched its new Android Device which is the successor of its Predecessor Micromax yureka with the name of Micromax Yuphoria. The Phone has really amazing specs with really awesome and new design (Micromax Yuphoria Specs). When we come to the price of the phone you will just get shock after seeing the specs and design as the price of the device is only Rs. 6,999 and you can registration it on Amazon.in . The phone is going to create a new bang in the Indian Market surely.

Micromax Yuphoria Specs

When we come to another thing, some days back Huawei has direcly attacked on xiaomi by comparing there Xiaomi mi4i (the xiaomi flagship) with Huawei honor 4x (Huawei Honor 4X Direct attack on Xiaomi Mi4i)  after that on 12 May 2015 micromax has indirectly attack Xiaomi by launching two new devices in the Indian market which is HealthYu and YuFit.


Yu Fit Band micromax - techniblogic
Yu Fit Band micromax – techniblogic

Here YuFit is a health care band like Fitbit and micromax attacked xiaomi mi band by the

  • Price as both the bands are of same prices which is Rs. 999.
  • YuFit has a OLED display, which Mi band lags
  • YuFit also works like your watch, which Mi Band don’t support because of no display.
  • Firsly, in market MI band was the cheapest and value for money Fitness band available but now from next month much better option with Micromax YuFit will be available.
  • YuFit has better Software with new UI according to the launch event of micromax as it also support counting the calories of the food eaten by you.
  • Both YuFit and Mi Band are Waterproof.

Another attack was in the marketing approx like xiaomi they make there first 1000 buyer of MI band at Re. 1 each, Here also micromax is going to provide first thousand buyer the Band for free (not even charging single penny) with providing them personal trainer for some days for there daily workout (which is a new concept). The subscription for trainer will be Rs. 300 for 3 months.

The YUFit Band comes with an OLED Display and has the following functionalities :
Track Steps
Tracks Sleep
Tracks Calorie burnt
Tracks distance Walked
Finds your phone
informs call/message

In addition to this, Yu Fit Band can be synced with the Yu Health app. The app will not just show the number of steps you took and the calories burnt but can also be used to track food eaten and the number of calories consumed based on diet.

The food tracking allows users to input what they had for breakfast or lunch or dinner (Indian food items like samosas and dosas are also included) and based on what the user feeds into the app, the app will tell them the number of calories consumed and if they should go easy on the next meal. This is useful for those who are setting goals for their daily diet.

In addition to this Fitness tracking will allow the app to track if a user has reached their fitness goals. Fitness Tracking allows users to chat with personal health coaches, nutritionists, etc and is powered by the HealthifyMe app in which Micromax had recently invested. Micromax has not specify the cost for signing up for these Coach programmes.


healthyu micromax - techniblogic
healthyu micromax – techniblogic

Another device which is being launched by Micromax was HealthYU Cassette is a device which will allow users to keep a track of essential body vitals like Respiration and Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen saturation, Body vitals, ECG, Body Temperature.

The Cassette can be attached to any Android smartphone and connects via Bluetooth. Users need to download the HealthYu app (from Google Play Store) and then the readings of the device will be reflected in the app.

The HealthYu app will record all the data and you can even send weekly reports from the app to your consultant doctor. The HealthYu app stores all the data on the cloud and gives around 90 readings per charge.

The two devices will be available from June 2015 via company website which is yuplaygod, it is also like xiaomi has done for there MI band.

So friends what are your views regarding the marketing techniques as well the devices which are being launched by Micromax do let me know by commenting below.

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