Five Factors Smartphones Today Can’t Miss

Five Factors Smartphones Today Can't Miss

Technology and trend are the two things that make most of each other and it is no mystery that the former constantly strives to innovate and beat the latest trend by creating a whole new one for the world to obsess over – thus, the cycle continues, products evolve and the thrill deepens.
Technology is primarily all about owning the latest trend at the best price. The consumer does not skip a beat there. And 2017 has begun to see this in practice as low range smartphones get better and well, smarter as we speak. The consumer has spoken and from what it seems, the manufacturers have been listening too. Consumer feedback is seeing reaction and manufacturers are striving to improve aspects that consumers truly care about. So if you have smartphone shopping in mind, make sure to look through the following trends that smartphones today should not be made without.

Fingerprint Sensor


Even though fingerprint sensors have had their share of almost being accepted as the ‘go to’ button on our devices – they are getting better and handier. And they are here to stay at least for a while. Over the last year, a whole bunch of phones have been bought and used with the fingerprint sensor and the reception has been good if not very great. Yes, we still like to use the front mounted options more than the rear mounted ones but they are great for selfies. Another aspect, which is ‘the’ aspect in this context, is the speed at which the sensor functions. That is what makes all the difference.

64GB Storage or Dedicated MicroSD Card Slot


The hybrid SIM slot does not seem like the best idea ever and here’s why. Most affordable phones have the option of 32GB internal storage of which around 25GB is free at user end. Ideally, that should suffice but life is better with 64GB to spare. Now the microSD should be enough to solve all your storage issues but what happens when you need two SIM cards? Which I’m guessing you will, post the whole Reliance Jio offer.



Voice over LTE support was not exactly cared for say, half a year ago. But now that you need it to avail free calling on Reliance Jio without completely slaughtering your data – it is indispensable. Thankfully, most current phones come with VoLTE enabled out of the box.

Dual Camera


The Camera is the most typical, widely used feature on our phones and yet somehow, in spite of all the rosy marketing claims, the budget Android phones are just not giving their best. The camera quality of the affordable smartphone is at a dire need of improvement. Dual camera implementation, where an extra shooter is used to gather should do the trick with enhanced quality on the budget devices. The emerging trend is doing rounds and finer dual camera phones at affordable rates are expected to launch this year.

Big Battery


Although big battery phones have not been any trouble so far, the new emerging crop of chipsets are proving to be a lot more power efficient. Besides, battery capacities of 3000mAH have become pretty standard pushing over the chunky, heavy phone housing a 5100mAH power unit.
Having said that, one should ideally, go for a phone with at least 4000mAH capacity battery. You don’t want to be scrambling for mid-day charging. Nobody does.

And there you have some of the essential features that you should rightfully expect of your brand new device this year. Not to mention, high resolution displays, Gyroscope for VR headset compatibility, Selfie flash, stereo speakers and USB Type-C port are just the kind of perks we enjoy on our smartphones. Hope you do too.

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