Asus ZenBook Flip UX360CA Review : Best Convertible in market ?


we have seen many compact laptop in last few years, Brands are trying to make them more compact and lightweight. People want more power with more compactness. They need devices which can be carried anywhere with ease that too without compromising with the power.


Today we are going to take a look at Asus Zenbook Flip UX360CA, which is not exactly a laptop and not even a tablet. It is the combination of both as we can use it in tablet mode as well work on it with a normal keyboard. The touch screen feature is very being used to me, but when we are going to give some kind of presentation we can fold the Zenbook flip in 360 degree and use it like a tablet.

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Design and Built


Design of Asus Zenbook flip UX360CA is similar to what we get in other premium laptops from Asus. They have maintained the same Circle Concentric Design all over with Big asus Logo on the Top. The complete built is made up of premium metal, which seems to be very elegantly crafted. The only thing which i noticed is while in tablet mode it feels little bit heavy and all the other edges seems to start getting uncomfortable because of it sharpness.  The Asus Zenbook Flip comes with 1.3KG of weight which is decent for this hardware and built but i would suggest them to rounded the edges to get better feel on long tablet mode usage. In other words i would say it is still “ultra” portable.


One more thing, the UX360 does have flex around the keyboard, which we also see in other ultrabooks because they left a bit space inside the body. area. Still it won’t affect your typing experience as that flex can only be notices when you press that area pretty hard. We also get a flex in UX360’s screen, but the aluminium frame which we get along it, gives great support to it.

We get proper travel space for typing on Zenbook Flip UX360, but still they are missing out with backlight on the keyboard. Backlight keys are seems to be necessary these days that too when one is spending so much on buy this portable device. Rest keyboard is fast and you are surely going to love your typing on it.


We also get nice metallic trackpad which is works well and will give you great feel. It seems to be like using a high end Dell XPS series trackpad, but not like what we get in Macbook. We get all Windows 10’s gestures for multitasking and accessing the Notification Center. While using left or right click it will give you nice tactile and audible feedback, and the pointing device drivers offer great response and accuracy not having a single issue with the track pad works really well with great built.



Asus Zenbook Flip Ux360 comes with Full HD LCD IPS Display panel with the resolution of 1080p variant. They have done quite nice job with the display part. It looks well even in bright sunlight. Even the touch response what we get on the screen is really smooth.


The issue which i faced in the display it is bit reflective and fingerprint magnet just like other smartphones. Using it in sunlight or even in low light that glossy finish won’t give you really good experience. So. i will suggest you get one Matt lamination screen guard for the display which will convert the screen from glossy to matt as well as give you additional protection to the screen. The maximum Brightness at which Asus UX360 gives is 214 luminescence.


Asus Zenbook Flip is extremely Thin and as we know when any of such device get thick brand remove all the necessary ports which are required in daily usage. But this time asus has kept all the port which are required and still was able to fit all stuff in that slim body. The UX360 features two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C port, mini HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack and even a full-sized SD card reader, nothing is removed everything is present.


One thing which i think Asus has compromised is its placement of speakers. UX360 speakers are placed beneath the body, which is bit awkward sometime because when we place the laptop or lapbook on bed or any other cushion we can hardly listen the audio. These kind of placement require particularly some hard surface beneath it. Even after when the laptop is converted into a tablet mode, the speakers sound get muffled since they’re covered with the screen back. But if you using the laptop on table it will work well. Bass is low, mids and treble is correct.



Coming to the main part which is performance, here Asus Zenbook Flip UX360 comes with Intel Core M3 Processor which is packed up with 4GB Ram and Intel HD integrated graphic card for normal graphic usage which include, nominal gaming, Photo editing, Watching HD movies and Web Browsing. If you go beyond it, like high end video editing and other stuff, it will just burn you away. Made for normal and portable stuff.

If you are doing a high end multi tasking job then also it will show you some sloppiness, but won’t hang in any way. This is a normal issue which we get in every convertable these days, because so much is packed in small piece or body that they don’t even get any further space to update it with some other high end stuff.  Still with this specs and compactness i am happy using it for portable work.

Overall decent performance won’t expect too much with this.

Battery life


Asus ZenBook Flip UX360 comes with 12 hours of battery life as per the brand but when we use it really in this cruel world we get about 7 hours 30 minutes battery life in which we have seen a movie, testing normal benchmarks and other small stuffs like ms word, ms excel. We were using laptop audio and no Earphones with screen brightness to 40%.

Overall i would say it will be easily up for you whole day of normal usage which includes web browsing and other small stuff. If you use it intensely with high end graphics work it will surely die in 3 to 4 hours max.


Asus has worked quite hard in making this UX360 zenbook flip. It’s a good laptop but if you really want to use touchscreen with a tablet-style functionality. The price at which it is available in considered to be decent as we are getting 512GB High speed SSD.

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  • Nice Design with Touch Screen
  • Nice performance for Normal Use (not meant for high end)
  • All Required ports are present.


  • Limitation to Hardware upgrade
  • No Backlight backlit
  • Glossy screen (Use matt Screen Guard for best viewing angles)
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