Atlanta Healthcare launches AirVisual Node ,a revolutionary Air Pollution Monitor

Atlanta Healthcare launches AirVisual Node

We all like our homes and near by environment to be clean and we do almost and all necessary things to make it happen. We clean our home daily, we use water purifier daily and to do all such stuff we take help from different small gadgets which are available in the market. But what about the air, which we cannot see still without it we cannot live and we are just inhaling it with all pollution in it.

Atlanta Healthcare launches AirVisual Node

Now, the question which arises is that how to make it clean and record how much air is clean and maintain the record for future use. There are so many people who die due to air pollution. This happens because as of now we were not having enough technology which can control the air or even make it pure which we can breathe. But now as this is 21st century and we are more towards future, there are many brands who are more focused towards pure air and how to maintain it.

Atlanta Healthcare launches AirVisual Node ,a revolutionary Air Pollution Monitor 1

Out of so many companies today we have Atlanta Healthcare, the company which is well known for their innovative healthcare products. Recently they have launched AirVisual Node using which we can instantly see all invisible threats which are surrounded by our atmosphere. They might be sometime very critical to breathe and not at all healthy to our body.

NODE the device which they have launched is a portable air quality monitor that displays particulate matter (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, Temperature and Humidity on a screen.

The device is available to buy from Amazon and here is the link for it.

Buy Here                                               Atlanta Website

Key featuresAtlanta Healthcare launches AirVisual Node ,a revolutionary Air Pollution Monitor 2

Some of these features are:

  1. Monitor will shows indoor air quality with compared to outdoor quality.
  2. USB charging
  3. Measures PM2.5, CO2, Temperature, Humidity
  4. In built battery
  5. Air quality data is accessible in real-time from the user-friendly dashboard
  6. System supports automatic alerts according to the customized rules

These are some of the highlights which are being noticed by me and my team rest there are many more which you can find our on there website. Overall i would say for your health this can be a very important device for your home and office premises. If you have elders in the home using some oxygen machine or have lungs issue, this kind of device is a must buy.

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