249+ Best 144FPS Android Games 2020 with 144Hz Display

Best 144FPS Android Games
Best 144FPS Android Games

There is no doubt that gaming smartphones are the ultimate gaming device this year. The high refresh rate is killing the top-notch flagship of the Smartphone market. This unique smartphone offers unprecedented gameplay, and CPU overclocking, which you’ll not see in many devices so far. I mean this has dedicated touch-sensitive buttons on the side of the phone, what more a man can ask? In this blog, we have listed 249+ Best 144FPS Android Games 2020 with 144Hz Display.

With that further adue, the screen refresh rate on smartphone-like Asus Rog phone, Xiaomi Blackshark, and Lenovo Legion has been the hot topic of the tech industry. Almost all the flagship smartphones are coming with a 90Hz refresh rate screen, and Asus jumped on this opportunity and has come up with a whopping 144Hz refresh rate, with a touch sample rate of 270Hz. Gamers, you know what I’m talking about right, probably the best 144FPS Android Games experience on this will be next level.

Surprisingly, these high-end specs are no good for today’s mobile gaming scenario, because games like PUBG and Call of Duty mobile don’t really push beyond 30 or 60 frames per second. The smartphone is a way to advance for today’s gaming. Thankfully Asus is very keen about their Gaming Flagship. Hence the ROG Community has compiled and tested a bunch of Games to max frame rate. Well, some of them are surprisingly good, but some are purely in development and may crash, but you know what you should definitely check them out. Below, is the list of Best 144FPS Android Games that you try give a try.

Best 144FPS Android Games

 Best 144FPS Android GamesFrame Rate
11945 Air Forces144
28 Ball Pool144
3A Planet of Mine144
4A Way to Slay144
5Ace Force: Joint Combat144
6Adorable Home144
7Alto’s adventure144
9Anti Pong144
10Arma Mobile ops144
12Badland Brawl144
15Batman: The Enemy Within144
16Battle racing Stars144
17Battlelands Royale144
18Battlevoid: First Contact144
19Beach Buggy Racing144
20Beach Buggy Racing 2144
21Beat Street144
22Bendy in Nightmare Run144
23Bid wars: Pawn Empire144
24Blades of Brim144
25Bleach Brave Souls144
26Blitz Brigade144
27Bloons Adventure Time TD144
29Boggle with Friends: word Game144
31Broken Dawn 2 HD144
32Bullet Bender144
33Bullet Echo144
34Bullet Force144
35Bullet Hell Monday144
36Bullet Hell Monday Black144
37Bullet Hell Monday Finale144
38Card Thief144
39CarX Drift Racing 2144
40CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars144
41Ceres M144
42Chameleon Run144
43Chess rush144
44Chicken Jump: Crazy Traffic144
45Chilly Snow Slide 2144
46Color Me Happy144
47Cookie Run: OvenBreak144
48Cosmic wars144
49Cover Fire144
50Crayon Epoxy144
51crossing Void144
52CSR Racing 2144
53Curse of Aros144
54Cut the Rope 2144
55Cut the Rope: Magic144
56Dan the man144
57Dariusburst -SP-144
58Dead Cells144
59Dead City Zombie144
60Dead Target= Offline Zombie Shooter144
61Dead Trigger 2144
62Deer Hunter 2018144
63Deus Ex Go144
64Doddlw God HD Free144
66Don’t Starve144
67Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked144
68Doodle alchemy144
69Doodle Dunk144
70Dub Dash144
71Duel Otters144
72dungeon Quest144
73Egg Inc144
74Egg Tycoon144
75Epic Battle Simulator144
78Everybody RPG return144
79Falcon Squad144
80Fancy pants adventure144
81Farm Punks144
82Fast like a Fox144
83Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition144
84Frag Pro Shooter144
85Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle144
86fruit Ninja144
87FZ9 timeshift144
88Go Slice144
89Golf Clash144
90Google Earth144
91Grand Mountain Adventure144
93Groove Coaster 2144
94Grow Kingdom144
95Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever144
96GTR: Traffic Rivals144
97Happy Whee4ls144
98Harvest Town144
100Hill Climb Racing 2144
101Hitman Go144
102Honkai Impact 3rd144
103Hunter Assassin144
104Ice Cream Roll144
105Idle Digging Tycoon144
106Idle Zombies144
107Infinitude 2144
108Infinity loop144
109Injustice 2144
110Ink Inc.144
111Into Mirror144
112Into the Dead144
113Jetpack Joyride144
114Kaiju rush144
115King of Sails: Royal Navy144
116Kingdom Two Crowns144
117Knights of Pen and Paper 2144
118Lara Croft: Relic Run144
119Lara Croft Go144
120Laser Overload144
121Last Arrows144
122Last Hope Tower defense144
123Legend of Solgard144
124Legendary: Games of Heroes144
125Legendary: Games of Heroes – RPG Puzzle Quest144
126Lemmings: Puzzle Adventure144
127Lineage M144
128Love Balls144
129Magic Rampage144
130Magic Tiles 3144
131Man of Vampire144
132MapleStory M144
133Marvel Contest of Champions144
134Maze Défense144
138Mini Dayz: Zombie Survival144
139Mini Metro144
140Modern Combat Versus144
141Mortal Kombat144
142Mosaic: BlipBlop144
143MR Bow144
144Mr Ninja-Slicey Puzzles144
145Ms. Pac-Man demo144
146My Little Pony: Magic Princess144
147Neko Samurai144
148Ninja Arashi144
149Nom Cat144
150Nom Plant144
151NyzQuest: Kindred Spirits144
153Off the Road144
154Offline bubbles144
155Offroad Legends 2144
156Ok Golf144
157Old Man’s Journey144
158Om Nom: Run144
159Open TTD144
163Pac-Man 256144
164Pac-Man Ralph Breaks the maze144
165Payback 2- The Battle Sandbox144
166Perfect Slices144
167Photon Strike144
168Pixel Puzzle collection144
169Plague Inc144
170Pocket Rogues144
171Pokemon Café Mix144
173Pull Him Out144
174Pumped BMX 3144
175Puzzle Aquarium144
176Rakoo’s Adventure144
177RC Soccer144
178Real Racing 3144
179Rebel Inc144
180Reckless Getaway 2144
182Ricky and Morty: Pocket Mortys144
183Rise in Time144
184Rise of Kingdoms144
185Road Crash144
186Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari144
187Rope Hero144
188rope Slash144
189Sandbox – Relaxing particle engine144
190Shadow Fight 3144
191Shadowgun Wargames144
192Shadowgun: Legends144
195Sky Roller144
196Slam Dunk144
197Slap Kings144
198Slash of Swords – Arena and Fights144
199Smash Bandits144
200Smash Cops Heat144
201Smashing Rush144
202Soda Dungeon 2144
203Somnus: Nonogram144
204Sonic Dash 2144
205Sonic the Hedgehog Classic144
206Soul Knight144
207Space Armada: Galaxt Wars144
208Space Jet: Space ships galaxy games144
210Squadron II144
212Stellar Fox144
213Subdivision Infinity144
215Subway Surfers144
216Super Samurai Rampage144
217Survival Derby144
218Sword Maker144
219Swordman: Reforged144
220tales rush144
221Tank Stars144
222Teamfight tactics: League of Legends Strategy games144
223Temple run 2144
224The Catapult: Clash with Pirates144
225The Greedy Crave 2: Time Gate144
226The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot144
227The Silent Age144
228The Simpsons: tapped out144
229The Walking Dead: Road to Survival144
230The Walking Zombie 2144
231The Wolf Among Us144
232The town144
233Tiny Bubbles144
234Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery144
235Titan Quest144
236toon Blast144
237tower Madness 2: 3D defense144
238Traffic rider144
239Trails Frontier144
241Unkilled-Zombie FPS Shooting144
243Vendetta Online144
244Walk master144
245wobble drop144
246Wonder Tactics144
247Xenowerk Tactics144
248Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links144
249Zombie Gunship Survival144

To be honest, we are playing Call of Duty mobile in this gaming beast, and my god the response time is killer. It is one of the best 144FPS Android Games. The dedicated game button helps a lot in improving the overall gameplay, and it works smoothly as butter. The fact that you can customize it to any gameplay action is also sweet. Do check out our fun Gaming Channel where we have live-streamed gameplay of some of the Best 144FPS Android Games with Asus Rog Phone 3, you’ll get a clearer picture.

If you have any game suggestions that you think we should add to our list of Best 144FPS Android Games, please feel free to drop a comment, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you like our content, please bookmark our website and stay tuned.

Is 140 Hz good for gaming?

If you’re a casual gamer, 60 Hz and 95-110 PPI should be fine. If you’re in a competitive league, 144 Hz and 110-140 PPI might be a better fit.

Is 240 Hz better than 144Hz?

a 240Hz monitor is four times faster than a 60Hz monitor and 70% faster than a 144Hz display. 

Does 144Hz boost FPS?

If you have a very high-end graphics card, and your game supports it, then you will notice an increase in FPS.

What are some best 144FPS Android Games?

Some of the best 144FPS Android Games are 8 Ball Pool, A Planet of Mine, and A Way to Slay

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