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Top 5 Best Customization Apps for Android That you must Try!

Personalizing your smartphone is a new way of keeping with today’s fashion. People have trendy back covers for their phones. There are smart cases, with an extra battery on the back and much more. The smartphones keep getting stylish and trendy day by day. So we thought why don’t we bring some trendy changes into the smartphone itself.

Well, we found these amazing apps to change the complete view of your smartphone. Try these top 5 Best Customization Apps for Android that are amazing apps to change your phone’s avatar as the way you like, it will never disappoint you.

Here are the Best Customization Apps for Android


  1. APUS Launcher

The APUS Launcher is the smartest and a petite android launcher out there. The app has almost every feature that is lacking in today’s popular launchers. To boost the performance of the phone it has a Cleaner, an integrated browser, integrated search engine and an integrated system tuner. You don’t get that many features in one single app, which makes this simply amazing.

Download Here


  • After installation set the app as the default launcher.
  1. Font Changer

font changer techniblogicFont changer pro is a new app that can change your keyboard’s font into a new and stylish look. The app has unique and beautiful fonts that you can use in your daily typing habit. You can use these fonts on Instagram comments and other places. Please don’t misjudge this app by the default font changer, which changes the entire text font of the smartphone.

We recommend you to install the Pro version of this app, which has more features than the free one.

Download here


  • Install the app.
  • Type the text and copy it
  • Send it to your friend.
  • Have fun 🙂
  1. Boot Animations

    Are you bored of the same default boot animation? If your answer is yes, then you’re at the right place. We have brought a new boot animation app for your android phone that will change the old boring boot animation in a swift. The app has lots of free animation screen for your mood.

Download here


  • You need a rooted phone.
  • Install Boot Animation app from play store.
  • Just select your desired animation from the list.
  • Apply.
  1. Backgrounds (HD wallpapers)

backgrounds hd wallpapers techniblogicWhen we talk about personalization, the one thing that comes to our mind at first is wallpapers, and they should be because they are beautiful. So, we check out some of the top apps for you and this is the best wallpaper app out there. It has some of the best trendy wallpapers, which can use as your smartphone skin. The app in itself is categorized so you can have an easy friendly experience.

Download here

  1. Swiftmoji-Emoji keyboard


The Swiftmoji keyboard is a product of the famous SwiftKey developers. And like the Swiftkey the Swiftmoji is amazing. The app has a beautiful interface and works very fine with normal chats. The key feature of the app is the emoji prediction; which is amazing for emoji lovers. Every line is analysed by the keyboard and as you type emoji is predicted so that you can spice up your chats. Awesome isn’t it?

Download here


  • Install the app.
  • Turn on the Swiftmoji from the settings.
  • Select Swiftmoji as your default keyboard.
  • Enjoy emoji life.

We had a lot of fun trying these apps, and what we experienced were amazing. APUS launcher and Font changer are awesome apps and we do recommend you to try them out if you haven’t. Swiftmoji is a unique concept but the prediction is lacking at some point, although the app interface and performance is very good. We found Boot Animations app unique because it gives the user a lot of cool boot animations, which does seem awesome.

If we missed any amazing app, please mention them in the comment section below. Also feel free to share your view about these Apps. That’s all for this guys, stay tuned for next update.

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Kamlesh Ranjan
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