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Best Games for Chromebook and Chrome OS (2020)

Games are a must-have in your devices, you never know when you may want to play some of them. Chromebook is undoubtedly not very popular when it comes to gaming. However, you can definitely enjoy a good number of games on your Chromebook.

In this article, we have shortlisted the Best Chromebook Games. Happy Gaming!

Best Games for Chromebook

1. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a very brilliant action game based on World War II’s epic battlefield moment. The graphics and sounds are absolutely thrilling and just add an extra element to the gaming experience of their consumers. The game is intense and action-packed, it will hold you tight on your seats until the mission end. The single-player missions are a must-try, though the game also allows you to play in the multiplayer mode.

Download the app here


If there is one game that we all must have heard about in common, then that definitely has to be PubG. The game is undoubtedly super-addictive and is indeed known for its addict players. You can choose to play it with your friends, or enjoy it all by yourself as well. The game is all about survival with the limited resource (weapons) you have, so, you will surely have a fun time playing it. Players communicate via text or voice chat.

Download the app here

3. Garena Free Fire

Similar to PubG, Garena Free Fire is a multiplayer survival shooter game. The graphics of the game are of good quality. Here also, players communicate via text and voice chat. It has smooth gameplay and feels realistic.

Download the app here

4. World Cricket Championship 2

The high-quality stadium and player graphics make you feel like being in a real-life stadium. Multiple camera angles, sound effects, real-time lightings, etc. just an extra edge to your online cricket gaming experience. The app also has a multiplayer mode. You can also play in teams with your friends, or even challenge your friends. So, if you are a cricket

Download the app here

5. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight is one of the best-known fighting/role-playing mobile game. The gameplay is fairly smooth, and the graphics are brilliant, so you’ll have a good time playing the game. If you have a stable internet connection, then definitely try out this game. You can also participate in themed contests for individual armoured sets.

Download the app here

6. Traffic Rider

This motorbike racing game is smooth yet simple and classic. Traffic Rider is just on a whole new level with full career mode, first-person view perspective, better graphics and real life recorded bike sounds. You get the first-person camera view, so riding the motorbike feels as thrilling as in real (well, almost!).

Download the app here

7. Ludo King

If there is one game that just got way too popular during the lockdown days in the coronavirus pandemic, it was surely Ludo King. Ludo is one such game that we Indians have been introduced to in our childhood itself. You can play it with friends online/offline, with the computer and also with multiple online players. Ludo King also has some interesting themes, so do check them out as well. One of the latest features of Ludo King is the voice chat, which is great if you play with friends and family as you can easily connect through the app.

Download the app here

8. Mini Militia- Doodle Army 2

Mini Militia is an online multiplayer combat game, with up to 6 players at a time. The game is also available offline, so it can be good to have it on your Chromebook in case you don’t have an internet connection.

Download the app here

9. Fruit Ninja


This is a fun and exciting game, best when you want to relax and pass time playing something. It’s Zen Mode is best to help you relax and play. The game with other modes can also be challenging and intense, so you can expect a lot more from the game than just a pass-time one.

Download the app here

10. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush


With this app, you can play the game while listening to your favourite songs in the background. You have to use your musical reflexes to guide the ball through the tiles, it’s simple yet a lot of fun while playing.

Download the app here

My Thoughts

The games on the list are of different types, and not everyone will be a fan of all these games. The game I feel is a must-have for you is definitely Ludo King, it’s a simple game, but the features are brilliant. The new upgrade is pretty good with the voice chat options and new themes. Ludo will never get old, so it is undoubtedly a must-have.

If you have any app suggestions that you think we should add to our list of Best Chromebook Games, please feel free to drop a comment, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you like our content, please do bookmark our website and stay tuned.

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