Boult Audio Launches Rover Pro Smartwatch with AMOLED Screen and Always-On Display

Boult Audio Launches Rover Pro Smartwatch with AMOLED Screen and Always-On Display 1

Rover Pro’s cutting-edge single-chip Bluetooth 5.2 technology allows users to pair and connect quickly and chat through wristwatch on their wrist. The Regal and Icon smartwatches have a black band and two complimentary straps and debut for Rs. 2499 on the company’s website, and Flipkart.

Boult Audio, a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, presents the Rover Pro, an addition to its best-selling Rover smartwatch line, with a “always on display” function to fit the current generation’s always-on mentality. The improved version has a 1.43-inch circular super AMOLED screen and 1000 Nits High Brightness Display to brighten innovation enthusiasts’ world.

Boult Audio Rover Pro Specifications

Rover Pro wristwatch has a 446×446 pixels ultra-high-resolution display with HB AMOLED screen and 1000 Nits High Brightness Display compared to 600 Nits of its predecessor Rover smartwatch to make it vision-friendly when always on display. The new smartwatch has a single-chip BT 5.2 version that uses three times less power and connects to devices within 10m with one click. The Rover Pro wristwatch can make calls, reject calls using SMS, and synchronize contacts with its dial pad, Bluetooth calling functionality, and dedicated mic and speaker.

Boult Audio founder and CEO Varun Gupta stated, “We are emerging fast and strong in the smartwatch market after pioneering in the audio industry. Our new products reflect the newest technology and customer demands because we stay current. When Rover was launched, we integrated the best technology of the time into the smartwatch. Now that its successor, Rover Pro, has been launched, we have modified some of the key features to match consumer trends and needs and added the latest features.

We also launched “AOD- always on display” to reduce the seconds of darkness on the smartwatch dial when users check the time or take a call. Rover Pro’s unique characteristics will wow shoppers. The Rover Pro smartwatch’s Boult Health function monitors SpO2, heart rate, and blood pressure at the wrist. It tracks female menstruation cycles, sleep, inactivity, and water intake.

It lets users have a new adventure every day with 100+ sports modes, including cricket, jogging, cycling, basketball, and yoga and 150+ cloud-based watch faces. Rover Pro, the sophisticated smartwatch, can last 2 days on a 10-minute charge. Lightning Boult Type-C quick charging gives the smartwatch 7 days of battery life in 90 minutes.

The top-rated waterproof IP68 wristwatch can withstand 1.5m of water for 30 minutes. Today’s generation like it since it can endure excessive spills and dust. Boult Audio’s newest addition, Regal and Icon, is available at 2499 and with two complimentary detachable straps. The icon is black, green, and white, whereas Regal is black, brown, and blue.

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