Convert any old TV in Smart TV using Airtel Internet TV


As we all know airtel always comes with something new for there customers and opting western culture and technology is the easiest way to do that if you have too much money like Airtel in this case. Airtel launches a Android based set top box that converts any television into a smart TV just like a normal TV box we import. It comes with built in content apps including Netflix, YouTube and soon Amazon Prime, and Chromecast for viewing the content on TV screens directly.

The pricing for Internet TV set top box is set at Rs 4,999 for three months and Rs 7,999 for a year, for new users, and if you are a existing Airtel User than you have to pay Rs 3,999, with content and TV channels bundled in.

“This is an industry first as it provides seamless integration of viewing online and offline content on a bigger screen,” said Sunil Taldar, chief executive officer and director of DTH (direct to home) business at Bharti Airtel. 

“We’re in discussions with Amazon Prime to be pre-built into the set top box,” he added.

The product is going to be sold exclusively on starting from April 13. After that you can purchase it on offline bases also so need to worry for it. The product will be sold using other online partners such as Flipkart and Snapdeal after a month.

The company is also giving upto 25 GB free every month to existing broadband users who sign up for the Internet TV set top box which seems to be great but the point is that when we are watching any Television using Internet TV will that extra 25GB will be enough?. As per the company the product is priced very affordably when it is being compared to other services providers in the market.

This is not enough from Airtel because Internet TV also comes with inbuilt-Wi- Fi receiver, Bluetooth based remote control and is integrated with Google voice search feature, which allows users to search for different content by taking into the touchscreen remote.

TO offer better interface, Airtel ‘Internet TV’ STB is 4K content ready which enables LIVE TV shows to be paused, recorded or even rewind  via USB (external HD) and Bluetooth. Customers can even also mirror cast from their mobile devices, tablets and laptops on to the TV screen.

Finally the most important part is that the service requires minimum 2Mbps broadband speed or a 4G hotspot connection for a smooth online experience. A regular Airtel Digital TV dish antenna will also be a part of the installation. Existing Airtel Digital TV customers can also upgrade their existing set top boxes to the new boxes.

The only thing which bother to me is that are airtel giving that amount of DATA in India which can be used for watching Internet TV.

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