Driving Smart Manufacturing in India: Hitachi Vantara & CMTI Partnership

Hitachi Vantara and Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (Govt. of India) Sign MoU to Strengthen Indian Manufacturing Sector

To better India’s manufacturing sector, Hitachi India, Hitachi Vantara, a division of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), and the Central Manufacturing Technology Institute of the Government of India (CMTI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Hitachi Vantara Senior VP Gopikrishna Balijepally, Hitachi India Director Atsuhiro Suzuki, and CMTI Director Nagahanumaiah all signed the document.

In an effort to help the Indian manufacturing industry mature, the CMTI has committed to provide guidance to professionals interested in smart manufacturing and smart quality. The partnership will be important in boosting manufacturing’s efficiency, productivity, and sustainability by making use of cutting-edge technology and fresh approaches. In about six months, smart manufacturing initiatives will get underway.

The CMTI’s director, Dr. Nagahanumaiah, is delighted to be working with Hitachi India and Hitachi Vantara India. We think that cooperation is about more than simply working together; it’s also about recognising and appreciating the value of other points of view. By sharing our knowledge of manufacturing, we can push beyond barriers and make strides that will change the world.

The Director of Hitachi India, Atsuhiro Suzuki, has said, “We are thrilled to join with CMTI to support their Make in India initiative. In order to meet the demands of the industrial industry, Hitachi will collaborate with CMTI to develop digital solutions.

“We are offering our digital solutions and capabilities on smart manufacturing, leveraging our Industry consulting and IoT practises,” stated Gopikrishna Balijepally, Senior Vice President, Hitachi Vantara India. We have the potential to make great strides towards the Make in India programme if we work together.

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