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Facebook brings new Filters and Reactions to Messenger Video Chat


Facebook has been updating and bringing out lots of new features like masks, filters and video reactions to Messenger Video Chat, which provides a fun experience for young users. Recently the company presented more new features to the video chat of Messenger to make video calling more entertaining. After the addition of these new changes, users have been able to react during video chats with love, surprise, sadness, laughter or anger. These new features are available worldwide, allowing the people across the globe to chat with friends and family without getting bored.

new Filters and Reactions to Messenger Video Chat
Facebook Added new Filters and Reactions to Messenger Video Chat

The ‘reactions’ feature allows the user to express the five emotions in real-time. Suppose a user selected the ‘love’ reaction then this will be animated across the screen by displaying flying hearts. Apart from this, new filters have been added to the video chats including colour changes (white, black, red or yellow). Facebook has added various new masks along with new animation effects after the mask effect update which was done last December.

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Another feature added by Facebook is the ability to capture i.e. take a screenshot of the chat which you can either to send to the person you are chatting with or share it with other accounts. One can share pictures during the video chats by using the camera button at the bottom of the screen.

All these newly added reactions, filters and effects make the Facebook Messenger Video Chat a lot more fun and interactive. Hope you like this news, stay tuned for more news and updates.

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