Top 10 Mindblowing Features of the Telegram Messenger App You Must Know About

Top 10 Features of Telegram Messenger App

The Telegram Messenger App has been in the game for the past couple of years. The app has a very user-friendly interface and tends to work as similar as WhatsApp Messenger. So what makes it different from WhatsApp? Well, most people don’t know, but the app has some impeccable security features. The app is available for multiple platforms even for Linux and stores all your chats on the Cloud. To be honest, there is not just one reason to keep an alternative messenger app for WhatsApp. So, if you are using the app, here are some cool Telegram Messenger App tricks you should know about.

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Here are the Top 10 Features of the Telegram Messenger App

  1. Open links within the app

The new update lets Telegram messenger app users open any link within the app itself, which really saves a lot of time. To turn on the feature, go to Settings/in-app Browser and enable it.

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The next time somebody sends you any link, just click on it and it will open in the app itself.

  1. No annoying Message preview

Some people do admit that the message preview feature gets annoying, especially when you are playing a game on your phone. Well, Telegram has a solution for that means you can turn off the message preview in the app.

Top 10 Features of Telegram Messenger App

To turn off the message preview, go to Settings/Notifications and Sounds/MessagePrevieww and disable it. You can also disable the message preview for the group text message, which is there in the group notification section.

  1. Telegram Secret chats

Secret chat is the key feature of the Telegram messenger app so far. The secret chats are protected with end-to-end encryption technology, which basically means that the telegram server will not keep any record of the chat. The chats also have some additional security measures, such as No message forwarding & Self-destruction timer. The secret chat doesn’t allow the user to forward the secret messages to another user because then it will get recorded by the server.

Top 10 Features of Telegram Messenger App techniblogic
Top 10 Features of Telegram Messenger App techniblogic

The self-destruction timer gives the user the feasibility to delete their chat records, users can set their desired time for the message to self-destruct by pressing the three dots on the top. Once the timer is set, all the messages that you have sent and received will be deleted.

  1. In-app notifications control

We have to admit that redundant notifications are irritating, especially when you are chatting with someone and there is a cold war going on in your friend’s group. The Telegram messenger app lets you escape from those notifications in one single step.

telegram messenger tricks techniblogic

To turn off In-app notifications, go to Settings/Notifications and Sounds in the in-app notifications section the app has a bunch of options for notifications management. From here you can disable or enable your desired options as you need.

  1. Keep-alive service

The keep-alive is a newly introduced feature in Telegram, which basically stands for activating the Telegram messenger app in the background. That means even if you run a smart RAM cleaner or an app like Greenify. The Telegram messenger app will automatically start and keep your notifications up to date.

telegram messenger tricks techniblogic

To activate this feature, go to Settings/Notifications and sound in the Other section, you can enable the Keep-alive service from here.

  1. Last seen management

The Telegram messenger app is bundled with privacy features, and one of them is the management of your last seen status. The app lets you customize your last seen based on your priority, with an exceptional feature that lets you add a particular user, somebody whom you never want to share your last seen with.

telegram messenger tricks techniblogic
telegram messenger tricks techniblogic

To add a particular user; go to Settings/Privacy and Security/Last Seen in the AddExceptions section you can simply add your desired user.

  1. Setting a Passcode Lock

One of the many features that most app has these days is the app locking system, which is a great security measure for distinct apps but maybe not for Messenger. You simply get tired of unlocking the app over and over. Luckily, the Telegram messenger app comes with an option to separately lock a chat.

telegram messenger tricks techniblogic
telegram messenger tricks techniblogic

To set a passcode, go to Settings/Privacy, and Security/Passcode Lock to enable it. Here you can enter your new Password. You can also set a lock time so that the app can automatically lock the chats. However, the app doesn’t allow to lock a specific chat.

  1. Managing media downloads

Media and MMS are amazing in the chat, it just seems boring chatting without emoticons, GIFs, and photos. The app lets you send files up to 1.5 GB, which is a very large amount of data. So, people who have a limited amount of data on their phone, would not be very happy if 1GB of cat videos were automatically downloaded on their smartphone.

telegram messenger tricks techniblogic

To configure media downloads, go to Settings/Data and Storage in the Automatic media download section, here you can choose what type of file you want to download automatically or not. The app also gives you additional security on your media files, so that it would not be visible in your default gallery. To enable this feature, you need to turn off the Save Gallery option from the main settings menu.

  1. Telegram bot

    The The

The Telegram bot is remarkable. Certainly, it is not as chat-friendly as Google Assistant or other chat bots, but it does add more functionality to the messenger. The Telegram bots are completely customizable means you can add your desired bot to your list of actions. For example, @weatherman_bot will tell you the weather report of your city, you can also set weather notifications.  You can add Telegram bots to your list by simply going to the website storebot .me, the website has several bots for your daily use.

telegram messenger tricks techniblogic
telegram messenger tricks techniblogic

To chat with a bot, tap on the new chat button and search for the bot name, you can also add a bot to a specific group.

  1. Supergroup

The Supergroup is nothing but an extensive version of the normal group. It can hold up to 1,000 members and give morefeaturese to users. Such as a new user will be able to see all the previous chats, and if you delete a particular message that you send it will disappear from all chats.

telegram messenger app tricks techniblogic
telegram messenger tricks techniblogic

To activate Supergroup, tap on the three dots on top and select the Convert to Supergroup option. This action is non-reversible.

In the coming days, we will see more customizations and features in the Telegram Messenger App. So till then keep reading and don’t forget to subscribe. If you have more suggestions about the features of the Telegram App, you can also comment down as well. To read more such content, follow Techniblogic.

What is so special about the Telegram app?

Telegram’s end-to-end encryption, customizable themes, and media-sharing capabilities make it a popular choice for personal and professional communication

What do you need to know about Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple, and free.

Are all Telegram chats secret?

Not all Telegram chats are equally secure. Regular chats are not end-to-end encrypted. Only secret ones are. No other messenger does this

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