Gamesir which is a well known Game Controller brand is going to come with their nex-Gen Gaming controller in CES 2018. As of now, they are already owning some great game controllers in the market which priced according to what customer need. They have the cheapest one as well as the high-end model. Gamesir is the only brand who has almost every kind of control which a person Need. Gamesir has a specific controller for iOS devices, Gamesir has Specific control for Windows as well as Android.

The best thing is that Gamesir also has one controller which support all three platforms. This time Gamesir is going to come up with Gamesir G5 which is going to be their Next-Gen model. The GameSir G5 is going to come with latest R&D innovations which is going to bring users a next-gen MOBA/FPS controller which is going to features an updated button layout and an added trackpad too. It’s MOBA simulated button layout, customizable L4/5 and R4/5 rear buttons, sensitive ALPS 3D joystick, and a built-in smart-phone holding bracket alongside an 18-hour battery will last for anyone playing casual or competitively.

Gamesir Designed with an Xbox simulated button layout with an ergonomic grip, LED lighting crystal buttons, E-sport premium buttons, and sleek metallic finish which is i think more than enough for any fighting, action, or sports game on the market.


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