Gaming Laptop VS Gaming PC: Best Value For Money?

Gaming Laptop VS. Gaming PC

It’s a battle of the best when it comes to the age-old argument of gaming PCs vs gaming laptops. Some gamers like the razzle-dazzle of a show-stopping AMD rig with curved screens and custom-designed keyboards and mouses. While others prefer the freedom and compactivity that comes with gaming laptops.

There’s no doubt, however, that gaming laptops have really made a name for themselves in the market and are giving gaming PCs a run for their money.

Gaming Laptop VS Gaming PC

In this blog, we will delve into the two systems to discover which comes out on top. To make this a fair test, we will look at the ‘-ability of gaming laptops vs gaming PCs to work out which is the best value for money. These are the portability, customizability, and affordability of each.


Unfortunately, gaming laptops have an easy win when it comes to portability. Small and mighty, most of them can fit nicely into a backpack, and most of the accessories are built-in. Gaming laptops are becoming more powerful while getting smaller and sleeker.  The Asus ROG Zephyrus G1 is considered the best in the market with its AMD Ryzen 4000 processors and Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics card all packed into a lightweight and ultra-thin 14’’ design.

This laptop gives a new meaning to on-the-go gaming and allows a fully immersive and powerful experience from anywhere. It would be important to remember that the laptop runs off a rechargeable battery that runs the laptop’s risk of shutting down mid-game if you aren’t careful.

That being said, portability is not an important factor for some people, especially if they’ve built their setup around their PC. With size, there comes power. Without a doubt, what gaming PCs lack in portability makes up for impressive graphics and mesmerising performance with bigger graphics cards and storage guaranteed to give users a seamless experience. Although, I can imagine that PC supporters hope to not have to move house too often.

Gaming Laptop VS. Gaming PC

That’s 1-0 on gaming laptops vs gaming PCs. But the real competition has just begun.


With gaming laptops, most of your customisations are decided in the purchasing process. You can go as far as fine-tuning hardware for performance and other key components like storage and RAM, but generally, you are stuck with the same hardware until you update the machine.

The gaming community has discussed the needed peripherals for gaming laptops. For example, some would say that adding external keyboards and mouses actually improves the performance and usability of these machines (sounds like a bit of a faff). Of course, this allows customization, but it creates complications and extra costs that shouldn’t be needed.

Gaming PCs are unbeatable when it comes to customization. You can design your system down to minuscule features, from the type of cooling fans you use to the order your cables are in. This means you can add everything you need and remove anything you don’t need. That means your desktop is built especially for you and is totally unique.

Even if you go down the pre-built route, most distributors will give you customization options like storage or aesthetics.

Gaming Laptop VS Gaming PC: Best Value For Money? 2
Gaming PC Setup

Even the accessories are customizable with users being able to sync up the PC fans with the keyboard for a spectacular display.

Console controllers

For popular games like Rocket League or games that require high precision, most users prefer to use console controllers. These are compatible with both gaming PCs and laptops. However, the setup process for the latter can be a little complicated, and he is guilty of bugging out games.

Gaming PCs win for customizability, making it 1-1.


Buying such powerful technology is unfortunately not cheap. Most laptops or PCs are upwards of £1,000, so make sure you come prepared when you start your search.

Gaming PCs do allow you to build from scratch, giving you the opportunity to personalise your PC perfectly for your needs and within your budget.

Gaming laptops, however, offer versatility and allow gamers more freedom to use for other aspects of their life. They provide a faster and higher resolution performance than an ordinary laptop and are great for busy students, professional workers, and road warriors for everyday use. Those who are always on the move want to be able to game outside of their home, especially with the demanding hustle and bustle of life in the 21st century. This plethora of alternative uses soon justify the price. The freedom that gaming laptops offer is priceless.

PCs don’t have to become too expensive if you don’t require lots of customisations. Pre-built gaming PCs and laptops are close-knit for the price, averaging £800 and £1,600 for a quality system.

Gaming laptops have high-quality, robust materials that give them a lifespan of almost double a PC and do not demand many upgrades or replacements of components. Of course, both are an investment, but gaming laptops do not demand as many modifications and additional expenditure as gaming PCs, so the point goes to gaming laptops!

With the end of this gaming laptop vs gaming computers debate, gaming laptops win the final score: 2 – 1 to laptops!


Gaming devices are breathtaking masterpieces that are forever evolving to improve user experience and provide great entertainment. Both gaming PCs and laptops hold great benefits, giving the gamer the freedom to personalise their every need. Whatever your preferences, they are a great investment.


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