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Gizmore GizFit Flash Smartwatch Launched in India: Best in Budget?


Gizmore, one of India’s top smart accessories, fitness gear, and home audio manufacturers, launched its feature-rich but pocket-friendly wristwatch, GizFit Flash, targeting first-time consumers searching for an economical yet technologically sophisticated device. Starting April 21, 2023, Flipkart will sell this trendy wristwatch for Rs 1,199.

This elegant wristwatch has a 1.85-inch screen (240×286 Pixels), a metal body, a slim ID, and a 15-day marathon battery. The 500 NITS display makes it ideal for outdoor activities.

With a built-in microphone, speaker, and single-chip connection, the Gizfit Flash wristwatch lets users make and receive calls without using their phones.

Gizfit Flash AI voice help is revolutionary. Users may keep organised and connected by giving Alexa or Siri instructions, managing schedules, setting reminders, and more.

Many smartwatch users prioritise fitness monitoring, and the Gizfit Flash’s DaFIT APP Health Suit delivers. This complete health tracker includes SpO2 monitoring, 24×7 heart rate monitoring, calorie burn tracking, hydration alerts, period tracking for women, sleep monitoring, and guided breathing exercises. The Gizfit Flash helps users manage their health and fitness.

For sports and fitness aficionados, the Gizfit Flash has numerous sports modes, a step pedometer, a calorie monitor, and a stopwatch.

“We are excited to announce the Made in India Gizfit Flash. “Today’s audience is looking for smartwatches that are feature-packed yet affordable, and Gizfit Flash is the answer,” said Gizmore CEO Sanjay Kalirona. “With its impressive battery life, AI voice assistance, comprehensive health tracking, and more, the Gizfit Flash is the ultimate smartwatch for those who lead an active and connected lifestyle.”

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