Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence User Conference India 2023

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence User Conference India 2023

Hexagon’s two-day, client-focused Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence User Conference India 2023 has officially kicked off at Chennai’s ITC Grand Chola. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence annual conference for the Indian manufacturing sector is back in person after a two-year break, and it drew more than a thousand people on the first day alone. Attendees at the conference include pioneers and innovators in the fields of engineering and manufacturing.

“Engineering Quality: From Concept to Customer” is this year’s central focus. Quality is emphasized as a key factor in the conference’s emphasis on success and innovation. Quality methods and procedures, which Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has in place, allow for better company operations, more consistent development, and smarter production. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is committed to providing products and services with unmatched dependability and performance by placing a premium on Quality. The organization believes that the whole industrial environment must be imbued with a culture of excellence. India is well on its way to becoming the next manufacturing powerhouse of the world, and this progress will be accelerated by a culture that places a premium on quality.

Day 1 (September 5, 2023) gives guests with an immersive experience from Hexagon product consumers centered upon quality, structures, materials, and processes, and the reaction, energy, and interactions are still remarkable. Sridhar Dharmarajan and Boon Choon Lim, president – KAI, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, will kick off the day with a welcoming note, and during the day, they will discuss many aspects of the automotive industry, including structural materials, technical papers, and trend analysis. Participants also analyze trends, shedding information on the dynamic nature of the field. The day’s emphasis on industry knowledge and teamwork creates a solid groundwork for further investigation, as seen by the many technical presentations on cutting-edge technology presented across many tracks devoted to niche areas of study.

Keynote talks, industry insights, and cutting-edge solutions in structures, materials, and processes will highlight Day 2 (September 6, 2023) of the Additive Manufacturing Summit. Murali Balasubramanian, CEO of Stellantis, gave a keynote address, while seminars on agile simulation process data management and the ADAS in commercial cars were also highlights. The day will continue with award ceremonies and a concluding remark before moving on to workshops devoted to optimization, simulation, and predictive analysis.

Nexus, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence state-of-the-art digital reality platform for Indian manufacturing, will also be on display for attendees to experience. The innovative open cloud platform enables teams to work together and solve issues with a degree of contact that was previously unachievable by providing easy access to data, real-time communication, and feedback between engineering and manufacturing.

Nexus enables engineers to effortlessly exploit data across the product lifecycle by using state-of-the-art cloud technologies developed in collaboration with Microsoft. The availability of these insights in real time is a paradigm change that will have far-reaching effects on how we approach problems, make decisions, and get products to market. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence ecosystem is constantly growing to drive further innovation while ensuring quality and excellence, and its debut of Nexus features game-changing solutions like Metrology Reporting, Metrology Asset Manager, Materials Connect, Materials Enrich, 3D Whiteboard, Design for Additive Manufacturing, and the Connected Worker.

“With the launch of Nexus, we step into an interconnected future where innovation thrives with the digital connection that binds us,” says Stephen Graham, executive vice president and general manager for Nexus at Hexagon. Nexus is Hexagon’s solution to the demand for collaborative harmony in the industry; it’s made to provide processes the ability to go beyond what’s now possible. Our commitment to changing the industrial environment is reflected in the platform we’ve built.

“Nexus is one of many technological advancements we plan to unveil over the next six to twelve months, underscoring our commitment to our customers for driving engineering innovations,” says Sridhar Dharmarajan.

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