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Facebook is full of different posts, feeds, messages, etc by your friends or anyone, whose pages you’ve liked. But there is one more thing, like the unwanted gift that comes with these news feeds or posts; Advertisements. So, How to get rid of Facebook Ads?

At the beginning, when Facebook was new, there was a fewer number of ads but now the number of ads has increased exponentially. In this Article, I will show you How to get Rid of FACEBOOK ADS? Hope you will like it.

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Now let us tell you how these and finds you. Suppose you search for something on Facebook, or like something, you’ll soon start getting advertisement to similar topics or some products related to your search. The company claims that these ads are helpful for the users and are give users what exactly they are looking for. But what happens sometimes, these ads are completely irrelevant or are in so much quantity that one can not distinguish between the actual post and advertisement. So we are here to guide you through about different ways to remove these Facebook ads.

Before starting, let us see what Facebook help guide says about unwanted ads. According to it, If you don’t want to see a specific ad, you can click the x on the top right corner of the ad and choose I don’t want to see this. You can’t block Facebook ads entirely. Ads help keep Facebook free and we strive to show you only ads that are relevant and interesting to you.

Thus Facebook gives you the chance to stop seeing the ad from a particular source. To block single ingress, click on the small down arrow beside the ad post and select I don’t want to see this option.

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How to get Rid of FACEBOOK ADS

Whenever you like a page or some product on Facebook. Facebook suggests the same product to your friends in form of ads. You can stop it by going to your settings > Ads > change third-party apps to No one. Mainly there are two types of ads on Facebook; sidebar ads and sponsors ads on Newsfeed. To remove all these kind of ads, you can use Browser extensions which will not only detect these ads but also block them. There are many ad blocker browser extensions present in the market but we would recommend you to use FB Purity. This extension is a cross-blocking extension and works on all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, opera, etc.

How to get rid of Facebook ads using FB Purity

  1. Firstly install FB Purity.
  2. After installing click on the FBP logo in the top of FB search option to modify the ads.

Now you can select the apps which you find relevant or which you find irrelevant. Do this and you’re good to go.

Overall advertisements are an important source of revenue and we do use Facebook for free. Thus Facebook also needs to earn some money in order to provide us with a quality service. But these ads should not overhead the user experience, so we need to get to rid of them. Some of the ads also turn out to be good for us. So before blocking them entirely, choose wisely. Keep surfing! Stay tuned to Techniblogic for more such articles.

How to get rid of facebook ads?

You can’t completely opt-out of Facebook ads, but you can change your preferences so that you see ads of your choice.

How to get rid of Facebook ads from my mobile?

Go to Ads Manager. Select Campaigns, Ad Sets or Ads. Click the toggle next to each campaign, ad set, or ad you want to turn on or off.

What is the best ad blocker for Android?

The best ad blockers for Android are Total Adblock, NordVPN Threat Protection, Surfshark CleanWeb, Adblock Plus, and Ghostery

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