iMyfone Umate Pro Review : iOS space Saver with Protection

iMyfone Umate Pro Review iOS space Saver with Protection

If you are a iPhone user and running out of storage always trouble you a lot then iMyfone Umate Pro  is for you. As we know that most of the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad come with very limited storage in their base models and it don’t take too much time to run out of memory. There are some moments when we can’t even capture some of the favourite moments and when there is any iOS update and you just cannot do it.

So, If you face similar problem in your daily life then today’s tool is specially for you.

iMyfone Umate pro is available for Windows and Mac and is a kind of data eraser tool which help you manage your storage space and will delete your data permanently by making it unrecoverable using any software.

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So, to start using imyfone Umate Pro first you need to download it. You can visit the following links.

Windows                                                       MAC

iMyfone iphone space saver download windows and mac techniblogic

Once you finish up the downloading part, just start installing it like the normal application.

iMyfone iphone space Saver install techniblogic

Once, the application get installed, use it as trial or if you are having a purchased Licence code, just put it over there and you are ready to use the software.

iMyfone iphone space Saver register techniblogic

After all the previous steps, this screen will appear where you need to plug your iOS Device using USB Port and it will automatically detect the device.

iMyfone iphone space Saver plug iphone techniblogic

In this case i am having a iPhone 6 which is a 64GB variant. just click on start Quick Scan and it will detect all the junk and temporary files from your phone.

iMyfone iphone space Saver quick scan iphone techniblogic

iMyfone iphone space Saver Scanning Iphone techniblogic

Once scanning device is done, it will show all files which can be deleted or compressed. And at what action how much data will be saved.

iMyfone iphone space Saver all junk files techniblogic

As of Demo i am starting with cleaning up junk file. It will also show you all crash logs and different other things.

iMyfone iphone space Saver cleaning junk techniblogic

Just deselect the thing which you don’t want to clear and start the action. It will take few minutes as per your data and will take you back to previous screen once done.

iMyfone iphone space Saver Cleaning cache techniblogic

Coming to the second part where you can cleanup all temporary file which in my case is having about 900 MB files. Once i click on clean it, it will start cleaning my device temp files by showing remaining time.

iMyfone iphone space Saver cleaning temporary files techniblogic

You can also compress the images from their actual size. It will compress 26 MB image in 1.2 MB which is surely going to save a huge amount of storage from the phone or any iOS Device.

Here you also get two more option where you can Backup and compress the data and another one is backup and delete the data.

iMyfone iphone space Saver cleaning Image compressor techniblogic

Wee can also search all huge files which are unused and are taking a huge amount storage on your device. Here you can simply select and delete file.

iMyfone iphone space Saver huge file cleaner techniblogic

You can also delete unused applications and their temp. files by just selecting it from the iMyfone application and uninstalling it.

Difference between Free vs Paid

iMyfone Umate costs $29.95 and you can always try a free trial first. The free version will only remove junk files once, compress only five photos and remove only one app. So, if you want to use the full version with all unlocked features, you need to get a licence code first.


So after using this software i was really very impressed as it really worked perfectly and saved more than 4GB space on my 64GB iPhone.

If you are the owner of a 16GB iPhone then this software is mandatory to you and if you are having a 64GB version than you can clean your Junk Files and Temporary Files and make your phone run faster than before.


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