iTechGenic Is working With Microsoft Azure And G7 CR Technologies To Change Engineering Management With AI-driven Insights

iTechGenic Is working With Microsoft Azure And G7 CR Technologies

Microsoft Azure and G7 CR Technologies- A Noventiq Company have brought on iTechGenic, an artificial intelligence (AI) based engineering intelligence platform, as part of their STAB program for independent software vendors (ISVs). This system is revolutionary because it will change the way senior engineering management supervises remote teams and intricate development processes.

Together, these DevOps technologies provide engineering teams with a 360-degree view of their projects and enable them to proactively identify and resolve risks across the SDLC. Through the use of its own AI algorithms, iTechGenic not only foresees problems but also gives managers the tools they need to deal with them before they ever exist.

One major issue for engineering managers is that their teams’ use of disparate technologies makes it difficult to see when issues are brewing on distinct systems. Previously, managers would have to wait days for analysts to manually gather and analyze data from various tools, and the results would be out-of-date. This resulted in prolonged cycle times and expense overruns since decisions were often made using out-of-date information.

The Virtual Scrum Master is an ambitious product by iTechGenic with the goal of providing businesses with a game-changing solution that can aggregate data from several sources to achieve unprecedented operational efficiency and propel exceptional commercial results. Project data integration and analysis allows firms to maximize the use of available resources, encourage more teamwork, and more effectively accomplish their long-term objectives.

The company’s goal is to increase developer productivity by at least 10%, which would result in significant cost savings for startups and businesses, in part by emphasizing AI models and risk detection to empower management in predicting and resolving possible difficulties.

As its go-to-market partner, iTechGenic has teamed up with industry heavyweights like TCS, Tech Mahindra, Huawei, Microsoft, and Writer Information to better serve their clientele.

Aninda Mukhopadhyay, Co-founder, CTO, and COO of iTechGenic, articulated the company’s mission, stating,Amidst the wealth of data available within DevOps tools, our aim is to help clients fortify their competitive edge by driving superior engineering outcomes. We are actively developing a robust architecture that ensures seamless scalability of our product in the long term. Our roadmap includes exciting features, and we anticipate that within the next 3 to 6 months, we will expand our presence into the global market, with a strong focus on AI models to automate the daily tasks of engineering managers and Scrum masters.”

Accenture MDS and Microsoft executives have provided early financing to help iTechgenic get off the ground. There is currently a financing round for pre-series A.

About iTechGenic

iTechGenic is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven engineering intelligence platform that aims to revolutionize how top-level engineers handle large, dispersed teams and intricate development processes. Throughout the software development lifecycle, iTechGenic helps businesses acquire actionable insights, reduce risks, and increase productivity by using the power of AI algorithms. iTechGenic provides a game-changing answer for superior engineering via the use of predictive analytics.

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