Lauco NanoSuction Car Mount Review : Must have Accessory for your Car!

Lauco NanoSuction Car Mount

There are so many innovation which are going on in the world. We have seen so many product which are used in multiple ways in daily use. Today we have another innovative product from Lauco, which seems be like any ordinary Car mount but actually it is not. They have used latest technology and fitted the same in that small piece of car mount.

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What’s New ?

Lauco NanoSuction Car Mount

Previously when we use car mounts, they just got stuck on the front glass of the car using the air suction cups and in too much sunlight and even on bad road it just fall out with your phone down. It can at the end will damage your device. Also, the clamp that holds the phone might get loose after a few months of use and you won’t be able to fit the phone in it.

Types of Car Mounts

Lauco NanoSuction Car Mount

CD-Slot based mounts: This type of car mount is usually kept on the CD-player which blocks the AC and is really hard to adjust their angles. After few months of use they also get loose as well as damage the CD Slot Tray on which they are mounted.

Magnetic Car Mount: Magnetic Car mounts are quite good but in few bums in the car may fall them off from the dashboard, and these days getting them stuck is also a issue as they wont fix everywhere and wont stuck every phone as they need iron to get stuck every where.

So, to cover up with all such issues, Lauco came up with an innovative technology, which works in really simple yet innovative idea.

Lauco Car Mount Working

On the Lauco car mount, you can find millions of miniature suction cups which are used to generates powerful vacuum which helps the phone to get stuck on the mount without falling in any scenario. These suction cups are so small that you cannot even see them with your naked eyes.

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  • Comes under budget
  • Clean and ready to use again
  • Affordable
  • Premium quality
  • very less space required


Might be after few month due to rigidity, it also get loose from certain point, as of now its being a month using me, it is working fine.

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