Lenovo’s Smarter Technology Will Enable Kerala’s Millet Revival Help Over 200 Households


Lenovo, inspired by the worldwide success of its Work for Humankind program, today announced the beginning of Work for Humankind in India, where advanced technology developed by Lenovo will be used to revitalize millet farming in the picturesque town of Kanthalloor, Kerala. Lenovo personnel working from Kanthalloor will help the local millet farming community in cooperation with Dream India Network and student volunteers from the area.

The hamlet of Kanthalloor, where Work for Humanity is based, is encircled by the Western Ghats mountain range. It is a mist-shrouded, evergreen-forested paradise, perfect for cultivating crops. Historically, approximately 18 millet kinds were cultivated in this area; currently, just two remain. Due to climatic change and a lack of access to official markets, the farmers of this community have abandoned millet growing. One indigenous group living in the protected woodlands still cultivates millet for subsistence purposes.

Lenovo’s Smarter Technology will play a critical role in reviving millet farming in this remote community by facilitating more access, raising awareness of the advantages of millet growing, and boosting local agricultural expertise and best practices. For the millet food system to be transformed into a viable and sustainable model that supports rural lives, market links are crucial. The first step in this way is to increase local farmers’ access to digital technology.

To aid the local population in millet cultivation while still doing their normal day jobs from Kanthalloor, Lenovo will choose workers, student volunteers, agricultural experts, and influencers with a variety of skill sets to engage in this effort. Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Service and cloud solutions will be used in the project, among the many other products and services that Lenovo offers. It is the first facility of its type for the millet farming community, and Lenovo is establishing the ‘Lenovo Digital Centre for Kanthalloor Millets’ at IHRD College Kanthalloor.

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