LG launched the Ground Breaking 0.44mm Even Bezel Video Wall


LG is a South Korean multinational electronics company that is known for its technological innovation and the latest range of home appliances, consumer electronics, etc throughout the world. It has added a new member to the family with the launch of the World’s first Ground Breaking 0.44 mm Even Bezel Video Wall. The company intends to bring the world’s finest technology for the B2B customers with the theme-“Edge- See beyond your imagination”.It will be beneficial for professional broadcasters.

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The video wall has been equipped with the 0.44mm even bezel that allows you the best seamless viewing experience by enabling the overall video wall image to resemble a single screen which includes assembled video wall screens. It features the LG’s LED backlight technology that guarantees high fluency in brightness to display a clear picture. Display colour calibration makes sure that the on-screen image matches the original source material, so the image appears similar as it was intended. The white balance adjusting function through greyscale can make calibration quality more explicit and the colour temperature adjusting function by remote controller provides easy management condition to users.

The new SVH7E generates high visibility and a consistent brightness across the whole screen. Other than this, it reflects sunlight for better visibility and a clearer image than conventional panels increasing the uniformity by 15%. The SVH7E includes an image gap reduction algorithm that adjusts itself according to the objects located in the boundary of the bezel for a seamless viewing experience. The SVH7E sports a clear picture quality by providing a clear viewing angle, even when installed in stacks of more than four. This is beneficial for the number of video walls installed in large spaces.

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The device reinforces a Signage 365 Care service that includes management through the cloud system. It provides real-time monitoring and controlling of the video wall. With this, all the connection and status can be checked on the dashboard at a glance. This video wall features WebOS 3.0+  that offers new UI which can manage signage under a B2B environment with Home Dashboard, EZ Setting, GUI for portrait mode and bigger GUI for long distance control. With these features, it is easy to check status and access to the menu.

The business head of LG Electronics India, Mr Hemendu Sinha said, As the pioneer of OLED display technology in both the consumer and commercial markets, LG strives to deliver the ultimate and truly immersive viewing experiences. The Wall gives owners the opportunity to reinvent spaces. Its ability to scale to virtually any size, and display content with such remarkable clarity, will surely give our consumers an amazing new tool to create immersive and engaging spaces.”

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