Make call with your fingertips☝️ using Sgnl Smart band

Sgnl Smart band

Childhood doll games are coming into reality these days. The fake call that you did with your hand when you were a kid, it was cool back then, but now every individual has a smartphone. But what we are lacking, perhaps an open mind and a creative idea or something like that. Well, we are not sure about every toy that you play with. But today’s technology has made something possible. Yes, you can make call exactly like you did when you’re being a kid.

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Sgnl smart trap is a gadget that enables you to take a call with your fingertips. Place your finger to your ear and talk like you did when you were a kid. Wow.

How Sgnl works?

Sgnl is a very tiny device, that is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Simply wear it like a smart band and you’re good to go. The device generates vibration with its built-in body Conduction unit, and transmit that vibration via your hand to your fingertips. So, when you place your finger to your ear, the vibrations echo to generates sound. Simple.


The device has a built-in fitness tracker, which monitor your steps and health. And with the dedicated Sgnl app you can check your fitness status every day. It also features different alert patterns. So if you have received a call or text you’ll always know it, with the help of smart alert.

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It has the volume up and down button, a function key, a microphone, a dedicated do not disturb mode in a tiny package. You can attach this device to the strap of your mechanical watch. Or you can wear it like a normal smart band. Whatever suits you, the choice is yours.

Why Should I buy it?

Make call with your fingertips☝️ using Sgnl Smart bandThe device is compact and it is pretty much compatible with standard size watch. So, you’ll not face any issue while attaching it with your own mechanical watch, or you can upgrade a little bit and attach it with your smart watch. But no matter what you do, it will always look cool when you’ll pick up a call and starts talking with your fingertips.


Since it is a start-up. The device is not available at e-commerce website such as amazon but it is available worldwide with a shipping charge from The retail price of the device is 149$.

Pre-order Here

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