Meet the TOYCOOL – Your multifunctional outdoor AC!

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We all wanted to be on beach and enjoy with different sports. Relaxing on beach is also a another way to get out of your headache schedule. But what if you want all thing but the weather is not supporting you. You reach a beach and get direct sun on top of you. Full heat all over, it will convert your fresh mood to something very messy and irritating.

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So, here is comes the TOYCOOL with a multi function outdoor Air Conditioner with some other added cool features in it. TOYCOOL is very effective portable and multi functional air conditioner that has a Bluetooth speaker, a radio player, a mosquito repellent, a night light, and a charging station. Now isn’t it cool. This is not enough;TOYCOOL is really small in size and way easy to carry around. You can place it in a tent, a boat, an RV, on a beach, a tailgate or any other places where heat may be an issue for your body.

Name the feature and it has it. If you are out of battery it has a in built power back up system which can charge any of your USB charging device. If you to stay in tent overnight and scare about light and this TOYCOOL is again going to help you as this also has a in-built light which can work for about 10 to 12 hours due to huge battery rest it depends on you how you wanna use it.

Disclaimer : I have not tested the device, all these points are covered as per the brand info. As soon as we will be getting our unit we are going to clarify and explain each and every point.

So, Why you are waiting. If you are a beach of adventure lover then this is surely going to help you out. As of now TOYCOOL is available at Indiegogo page. You can book one for you from here which might also help them to grow there business and bring something new every time, which might help world in long run.

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