6 Best Mobile Chat Apps to Send Anonymous Text Message via Internet


There’s so much going on out there and so often we find ourselves saying something only to be misunderstood and booed down. It’s not fair and neither is it ethical to blow things out of proportion for the heck of it. More often than not, people share and end up regretting it soon enough – at times like these, anonymity doesn’t sound like the worst option. Anonymity can sometimes help you clear your head without any inhibitions and actually help you deal with things instead of witnessing personal comments and the hater wrath. You can try some of these Apps to Send Anonymous Text Message Internet, all of which are mobile apps for Android or iOS Smartphones where you can send text messages or chat anonymously with anyone. Isn’t it great?

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Here’s to that as we bring you ten great apps to help you express without giving away your identity or to help you find your flock and have a good conversation, just for a change. With the help of these applications you can now communicate with people, who don’t know you, nor do they have to.

Best Mobile Chat Apps to Send Anonymous Text Message Internet

Time takes away a lot of things but if you still need to talk to somebody in this moment, these are the apps that you need to check out:

1. Psst

[appbox googleplay com.psst.messenger screenshots]

Psst is a chat platform without chat ID’s and conversation histories. Through the app, you get to express political & social views, secrets to confessions, joke around, celebrate or simply share and deal with the grief that pains you with other users. The post you put up has a life of 48 hours before it vanishes forever. Private chats will hang around for half a minute, max.

2. Truth

[appbox appstore id791407399 screenshots]

Truth allows you to communicate with people on your contact list without giving away your identity. You are signified as a type of owl and no other information is disclosed. Messages are only shared to people in your contact list so you are only talking to those you know, without them knowing it is you. You can report threats and random cries for help by the medium of an owl. Android version should be here soon.

3. Whisper

[appbox appstore id506141837]

[appbox googleplay sh.whisper screenshots]

This is a fun app that actually lets you vomit your thoughts through memes. You can find Whispers through the themes that pick your interest. You can also use a background picture to express your feelings, thoughts and reactions. You can also pick the private messaging feature to have private conversations.

4. Popcorn

[appbox appstore id718416705 screenshots]

Popcorn gives you a location based chat feature that enables you to chat with people within your one-mile radius. You can say goodbye to boredom with updates about the local community, your campus or even if you just moved to a new city. With this app, you are an insider. The app comes in few different languages too in the likes of English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

5. Anomo

[appbox appstore id529027583]

[appbox googleplay com.vinasource.anomoinc.anomo screenshots]

This is a simple application which takes you to people with common interests. The chat will start with an avatar and then move onto icebreaker games with random 4 other users to find you some matches that go with your vibe. Then you can chat all you want with the chosen ones and once you get to the point where you are comfortable being friends, you can request a reveal plea to the friend to get to know each other better.
(Download: iOS, Android)

6. Roomvine

[appbox appstore id788564340]

[appbox googleplay com.codebrew.roomvine screenshots]

Roomvine lets you chat with strangers in your neighborhood. The identity remains private but with the app, you get an insight into what’s going on at a nearest venue, bars or even café that you did not know about. You can also access a vague vibe of what is going around the world in terms of events, concerts or parties.

Last Word

These apps are just a medium to lighten up without feeling the pressure and some of them are really helpful too. That does sound like a healthier lifestyle to adopt and pursue without having toxic effects on the people we meet, on or off line. Try the apps and let us know if you agree!

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