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The security infrastructure of Apple around its macOS and iOS devices are credited as top-class, courtesy its walled-garden philosophy. While that is true, it has been proven time and again that security can only get as strong as its weakest link and in the current scenario – the weakest link could easily be man or the user himself. Now we all know that iOS is probably the most secure mobile operating system but the truth of the matter is that there’s a bunch of ways this security could be messed with. Thus it becomes mandatory to lookout for your personal data, be it encrypted conversations or protecting your online identity – it needs to be done and it needs to be done now. Without wasting any more time, let us go through this compilation of the 7 best iPhone security apps that one should use:

Here are the Top 7 Best iPhone Security Apps

1. Secure Messaging and Calling with Signal Messenger

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This is an end-to-end encrypted service, developed by Open Whispers Systems that allows you to text and call other people using the app. The name probably sounds familiar and does so because most of our messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google Allo use encryption implemented by its security protocol. The app is open-source, which means that anybody with a clear understanding of security can audit the source code to verify its security infrastructure.

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The app also brings you the group chat feature that allows you to carry out private conversations with a group of people. When it comes down to messaging app features, Signal doesn’t go as far as WhatsApp or other texting services since it was created with security on mind and it is only commendable that it lives up to its name. If you want to communicate privately via text or call, Signal for iOS is what you should go for.

2. Use VPN to Protect Your Online Identity

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In spite of all its adversities, a VPN can enforce security by giving out fake locations and also helps to bypass geo-restrictions on quite a few websites. Opera VPN for iOS gives you an option to choose from 5 locations in the likes of US, Germany, Canada, Netherlands and Singapore with added support for more countries on the way. But sadly it has been retired. So you can use “Free VPN by Free VPN .org” it also gives Free VPN service. It also strengthens your security by blocking online trackers.

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Getting VPN on your device is very simple and all you need to do is download the app and move on to install the relevant profile. The app is significantly impressive as it functions exactly as advertised, does not reduce data speed and especially because it is a product of a reputed company. If you’re still looking for more choices to scout through, follow the link to check out some more great VPN apps available for iPhone.

3. Anonymous Surfing the Web With Onion Browser

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Onion browser for iOS is one of the security-stressed browsers that helps you browse anonymously online by routing all your internet traffic through the Tor network. For those who are distant from Tor, here’s what Wikipedia has on the network:
Tor directs internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer network consisting of more than seven thousand relays to conceal a user’s location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis.

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Exactly how anonymous does Onion make you? You see, websites cannot pick up your location since they can’t see your actual IP address. Your browsing history also cannot be accessed by the ISPs. The only downside to this entire process is that pages are bound to load a lot slower because all the traffic needs to get encrypted and relayed through the Tor network. If privacy paranoia haunts you day and night, do install.

4. Store Your Passwords Securely With 1Password

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There are a lot of password managers available but 1Password is a clear favorite. 1Password is an end-to-end encrypted service that allows you to store all the essential information like website logins, credit cards, identities and more, all in one place. For complete satisfaction, it also comes with two-factor authentication and safely locks down the app with TouchID. It also lets you share passwords in a safe way between family members in its supported family accounts. It also has apps for Android, Windows, macOS along with iOS. You get a 30 day free trial post which you get to choose from its individual ($3.99/month) or family ($6.99 for 5 members) plans.

5. Password Protect Your Personal Data With Avira Vault

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Avira Vault allows you to protect your photos, videos and more with passwords through TouchID or a pin. Its initial outlook is that of a digital vault. You can also save all your pictures in the vault and then remove them altogether from your device camera roll. Through this, you can encrypt your photos prior to their iCloud upload. That may be the primary function but it also does much more than just that – it also doubles as a password manager and comes with an incognito browser called the Avira Scout.

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The free version lets you store 1 credit card, 3 passports and password protect 30 files. The Pro version eases up on the restrictions and unlocks features including TouchID and the encryption of already backed up data. It also enables the creation of a dummy account with a separate PIN by the feature ‘decoy account’ to misguide prying users.
Install: Free, $3.99 Pro version available

6. Encrypted Cloud Storage With SpiderOak ONE

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Security is not a matter to be taken lightly and the live testament to the fact is that the top players like Apple, Google and Dropbox themselves do not provide complete contentment when it comes to protecting your data from law enforcement agencies. Yes, read the following statement from Apple’s iCloud agreement and you will know for sure. So how do you make sure that your cloud stored content is in fact safe? Well, SpiderOak is your answer. SpiderOak gives you end-to-end encryption on your cloud stored files.

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They take great pride in their ‘zero knowledge’ policy which goes to show that even they don’t have open access to your stored content. It also gives you access to the previous versions of your modified files and features a real-time sync amongst all your devices. Also included in the service is the ‘Share rooms’ feature that allows you to password protect and share your files with a person of your choice.

7. Secure Your Phone From Theft With Prey

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Apple gives you the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature which does well to locate your phone but is pretty basic otherwise. If you are on the lookout for a more advanced anti-theft app with stronger features, Prey is your answer. Prey is an anti-theft app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Once set up on your device, the app can be accessed and controlled using the browser-based interface. You can do more than just locate your device through Prey – from remotely locating your iPhone using GPS and WiFi, take pictures using the camera or even trigger an alarm. It also comes concealed by the ‘Camouflage mode’ feature that makes it look like a gaming app, thus fooling the thieves. Free version lets you tie up to 3 devices to a particular account. The Pro version unlocks SSL encryption, full real-time control and also gives you priority email support.

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Until now, we have been going through the top security apps for iOS but now we move on to something slightly different. If your iPhone is jailbroken, then we bring you certain specified tweaks that help you secure your phone. Although jailbreaking itself exposes your iPhone to a bunch of vulnerabilities and keeping that in mind you really shouldn’t jailbreak for the sake of it. The security risks are definitely worth a clear understanding and we recommend considering every aspect strongly before going through with it. If you are still interested to jailbreak your iPhone, try giving these tricks a try.

” Use These Best iPhone Security Apps to Keep Your Device Secure “

If its password protect you’re looking for or just wanting to have a rare private conversation on your iPhone, the said apps should really help you out there. With privacy issues becoming rampant with every passing day, security takes the top most priority, without a shred of compromise and these apps do pretty good to serve that purpose for you. So don’t forget to check out the apps and if we have missed out any, do not forget to claim that in the comments section below and Subscribe to our Website.

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