Motorola goes offline, opens Motohub Stores in India

Motorola goes offline, opens Motohub Stores in India

We all know, offline market is always better for sales in India. The basic reason for this is people first to use and see the device then want to buy one for them. There is one more reason which we see is that customer directly want to get the device and don’t want to wait for 2 to 3 days for delivery of there favorite.

Due to this, new brands are entering offline stores, recently Xiaomi entered offline market with there retailers and now finally after retail chain setup motorola opens up there new MOTOHUB stores in India where you can use the device and if you like them you can also get your favorite device from there.

Motorola goes offline, opens Motohub Stores in India 1

To attract more and more customer, Motorola launched some offers where if you buy smartphones from the MotoHub there will be a 50% discount on selected Moto Mods till Sunday and discounts on certain smartphone accessories also.

The first Moto Hub stores officially open today at:

  • Great India Place, NOIDA
  • Logix Mall, NOIDA
  • Shipra Mall, Indirapuram
  • Xperia Mall, Dombivali, Mumbai
  • Korum Mall, Thane, Mumbai and
  • Viviana Mall, Thane, Mumbai

So, overall i would say this is a next step where Motorolla can attract more and more customers and at the end point increase their sales with the stock and price which they offering. The best thing of moto which personally i like it always availability and the stock android which they offer.

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  1. that’s great news and it will also give offline buyers great value for money devices!!

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