New RAPZ BRAND LLP Launches Active Verve And Pods Black

RAPZ BRAND LLP Launches Active Verve And Pods Black

RAPZ BRAND LLP, an Indian Lifestyle Brand, released two new items: Active Verve and Pods Black. RAPZ BRAND LLP’s mission is to spread a culture of health via its cutting-edge pharmaceutical products. Rapz, the company’s namesake brand, has released a new, high-end wristwatch and headphones.

With an IP68 Waterproof certification, a heart rate sensor, a body temperature tracker, an XL battery, a sedentary alarm, a blood saturation tracker, the ability to check the weather and manage your music, and a 2.01-inch large screen, the Active Verve is a smartwatch packed with useful features. On the other hand, Pods Black distinguishes out because to its rubberized exterior, its large battery that supports BT5.3, and its high-quality audio.

These new releases represent the cutting edge of lifestyle innovation, and they are being introduced by RAPZ BRAND LLP as a means of keeping up with the industry’s rapid expansion. The latest models include cutting-edge specs including a 30-day battery life on a single charge and support for wireless charging using USB magnets and Near Field Communication.

Experts have created the items, guaranteeing their comprehensiveness and comfort. They’re safe for use by anybody of any age at home, in a medical setting or laboratory, and they’ve passed rigorous certification processes.

Wearable technology should be safe, engaging, and exciting, says RAPZ BRAND LLP co-founder Mr. Vaibhav Kapoor. The company is using social media influencers to spread the word about the upcoming release of new and improved audio and wearable goods.

By releasing smartwatches and audio goods in August, RAPZ BRAND LLP made a giant leap forward and established themselves as a market leader. The company’s influencer program has also grown, and it now includes eight to ten collaborators.

Rapz Active Verve and Pods Black are speciality and budget-friendly goods with a one-year replacement guarantee. The Rapz Active Verve has a lot of great features, including a big screen, brilliant screen pixels, a dual-module calling capability, a built-in mic and speaker, and in-depth sleep tracking. One of Active Verve’s best features is that it has an IP68 designation, making it rain-proof.

The Rapz brand is a way of life that prioritizes style, ease of use, and individuality. They provide a large selection of items available at competitive costs, such as headphones, Bluetooth speakers, wireless smartwatches, neckbands, and TWS earbuds. The company now sells over a hundred different products under its trademark.

Products may be purchased via,, and e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Rapz’s technology is built on the principle that music should be a soothing and natural extension of the user’s own identity. The organization provides generous services and works hard to develop cutting-edge technologies that improve its customers’ quality of life.

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