Panasonic Smart Air Conditioners with in Built Air Purifier


Panasonic India introduced a new range of air conditioners in India which are launched under Elite Inverter Sky series. The unique part for these air conditioners is that they can also acts as an all season air purifiers, which means whether it is summer or winter you can use the same air conditioner as a air purifier and don’t need to install a separate air purifier in the room. The company has also announced that they will be launching 35 new models that too in different series soon. The Starting price for these air conditioners will be Rs 30,000.

Panasonic is also going to introduce new series with two ACs, one with 1.5 tonnage capacity and one with 1 tonnage capacity with the pricing of Rs 85,200 and Rs 70,200 respectively and will be available from March 1st, 2017. The only major highlighted feature of these air conditioners is that they are pre equipped with in built air purifie. These AC is also having a three stages of air purification. They have different filters that deactivates odour causing bacteria. After that there is NANOE-G technology, which basically releases 3 trillion ions, which get attached to PM 2.5 particles and then throw it outside, which will clean the air. And at the end PM 2.5 filter, removes all pollutants from the air to provide cleaner air.

Panasonic AC also comes with an “SKYWING” flap design which allows cooling with a three multi-directional arms which adjust the angle of airflow. One more thing the Sky Series comes with new Dust Sensor technology which senses the dust and automatically switches nanoe-G to purify the air which will at the end help in preventing health problems such as a cough and cold.

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