Person Finder launched by Google for Nepal Earthquake

Person Finder launched by Google for Nepal Earthquake 1

Guys this post is special for the people whos relatives or any one is there in nepal and they are not able to find it after the natural distaster of earthquake over there. The google which is the master of all search engine in the world has launched the application using which they can find there knows by using it.


The main function of the app is to find the victim of earthquake in Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. The web application is focused on to help people gather and relay information about those who are affected by the disaster.

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The web application is aimed at helping individuals to post details of the victime and search for the status of family members or friends affected by the earthquake in the area.

The application has two options

  1. ‘I’m looking for someone’
  2. ‘I have information about someone’

For those who are looking for someone trapped or lost in the disaster, they can click on ‘I’m looking for someone’ and type in his/her name.

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& If an individual wants his relatives or friends to know that he is safe, or if he has heard from someone or about someone stuck in the disaster affected area, then he can share the information through ‘I have information about someone’.

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Google is offering People finder support in both English and Nepali.

The internet giant has used this application previously too during natural calamities in Jammu & Kashmir last year and in Uttarakhand in June 2013.

A  earthquake killed thousands in Nepal on 25 April 2015 morning. The massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal with devastating force less than 50 miles from the capital, Kathmandu causing tremors in northern India as well.

Please a request to everyone to share this article or this app Google Person finder with everyone so that they can able find who they want to and maximum people can be benefitted out of it.

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