Puresight Systems introduces all new upgraded Roomba 980 in India

Roomba 980 in India

Puresight Systems Pvt Ltd., the distributor of iRobot in India, has introduced Roomba 980 vacuuming robot. Roomba 980 is a robo-vacuum cleaning device that helps you to spotlessly clean your home without actual cleaning. This is a smart device designed for enabling a user to effortlessly clean the floor, consuming less time than usual. It has voice control in association with Amazon’s connected home assistant such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, and Amazon Echo Plus. For this, you just have to utter-“Alexa! Ask Robbie to commence cleaning.” and then start believing your eyes.

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Opening price of Roomba 980 is Rs.71,900, but under the promotional offer for Indian users, it is available for Rs.69,900 on the iRobot India website and on Amazon India, it will be priced at Rs.61,466. It has a lean disc-shaped body having 3.6 inches of height that enables the device to have access to the areas that are hard to reach like under the bed, below the couch, etc. It has been equipped with an edge cleaning brush that is aligned at 27° angle that helps to sweep away the chaff from edges and corners. It comes with a 3-stage Cleaning System AeroForce that has been provided with a tangle-free,multi-surface brush to gently clean the embedded dirt, debris and pet’s hair from the floor.

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The AeroForce cleaning system proffers a powerlifting suction with up to 10x the air power by increasing itself the performance of its Gen 3 motor on carpets and rugs which are highly prone to dust. The device has been furnished with an array of optical and acoustic sensors coupled with Dirt-Detect Technology that gets highly active once it gets in touch with high-durt regions like carpets and rugs. The other features that are included are iAdapt Navigation Technology and advanced sensors. With the help of this, Roomba 980 can quickly identify room contours and steer across the rooms. Furthermore, these features make the device to adjust to your interior which includes raised transactions and carpets.

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This cleaner works up to 120 minutes of high powdered cleaning, and once the battery gets low, it automatically turns to its turbocharging cradle. There is an iRobot HOME App that’s available for both iOS and Android, giving the users to have complete access over the device and work smartly. Roomba 980 owners will get the benefit of presetting flexible schedule for up to seven times per week to keep their house clean even if they aren’t home.

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