QCY Q29 Wireless Earbuds Review: Better than Apple AirPods?


Wireless technology is in boom these days, we have seen so many bluetooth earphones previous but the thing is that they always have one single wire which is connected with both the earphones to give power and to give better sound and which also help you to put those earphones hanging in your neck, but since apple launched there apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus they have also launched newly true wireless earbuds which have no wires in it but the design which they have used is very clumsy and uneasy to handle. I tries them and most of the time apple earpods just run away from your ear.

After that Samsung come up with Samsung Gear IconX, which are quite conformable and easy to use as well as gives better audio when we compare to apple earpods. The thing is that Samsung Gear IconX is really very costly just like apple earpods.

So, what if I would say you can get these kind of earpods with same audio quality and other stuff that too in very cheap. So, here today we have QCY Q29 Wireless Earbuds which are wireless as well as has no physical wire connected to it. The best thing i liked is they can also be used as two independent earpieces that can be used together (stereo) or separately (mono), depending on your needs. You can get these earbuds in retail for between $73 and $100, depending on where you get them.

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Charging Case

QCY-Q29-Wireless-Earbuds-unboxingQ29 True wireless earbuds comes with a small carrying case that also works as a charger. You can charge it using a micro USB cable via a power brick or you can even use a powerbank to charge them.

QCY-Q29-Wireless-Earbuds-boxI have no complaints regarding it because of it size. You can charge the earbuds as they fit snuggly and charge quickly. It took me about 30 minuted to charge the earphones from 0 to 100%. Battery backup is also quite good and give me about 4 hours of playback time.


QCY-Q29-Wireless-EarbudsThe earpieces which we get is having a oval-shaped and really very small when we compare other cheap earbuds available in the market. One thing which i love is that they are available in multiple colors like white, Green, Blue and finally my favourite one Black. On the top side of the earbud we get a LED light which is used for different notification and a small white LED is always blinking which indicate you the status.

This is not enough as i have already mentioned we can use both earbuds at the same time as well as in mono mode which adds an integrated microphone in both of them, so it doesn’t matter which side of ear you are using it. You can talk using any one.


QCY-Q29-Wireless-Earbuds-ReviewThere are many other functions also which we can use with these earpods like we get alerts on incoming calls and the it even reads out the phone number from which we are getting the call. Pressing the button on the earpiece you can easily answers the call, and pressing it again you will ends up with the call.

First time connecting the both earpiece seems to be mess but quite easy. First place both the earpiece in the charging dock, then take the right ear piece out, turning it on and connecting it to the phone, then removing the left ear piece from the case and waiting for it to connect to the right earpiece automatically, and you are done. We also get a manual way to connect both of them in which we need to press the button on both the earpiece for about 8 seconds and til they flash white, then moving them close together until they connect.


inear-phone-review-unboxingAccording to me they fit well in my ears and I’ve not even a single issue which i have faced while using them. They are tight enough and won’t fall out easily from your ears even when you are shaking your head well. I also like the charging and the carrying case which can be slipped into our pocket very easily. I’ve used the Q29 in mono mode as well as in stereo mode and they work well in both the scenario.

Audio Quality

QCY-Q29-Wireless-EarphonesComing to the audio quality i was thinking because of these price point and wireless technology they might have low down the audio quality and won’t be getting enough bass. But surprisingly i was getting some great audio quality out of it. Much better what we can expect with this price range. As i am the bass lover and getting base in wireless earbuds are myths in this price but in these earbuds the bass was really strong.


QCY-Q29-mini-earphonesI was pleasantly surprised with this audio quality in this price. why would anyone will go for samsung earbuds, just because of the brand else Q29 are here to give them huge competition because of their affordable pricing. The earpieces are very small in the ears and not at all feel heavy on long uses.

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Overall, if you are gadget addict and want yourself to be free from all kind of wires then this futuristic gadget is for you. You can also use it for show off purpose 😛


  • Price
  • Audio Quality
  • Comfortable
  • easy to handle


  • Need to import
  • You need to learn how to connect really fast
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