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There are so many smartphones in the market that choosing the suitable one becomes the most difficult task ever. And most of the user don’t want the top notch phone with the top notch specs even after that they want a budget-oriented smartphone. However, it seems difficult to users to come across a smartphone that has all the primary features. This is where ASUS latest addition to the Zenfone 3 family kicks in, the ASUS Zenfone 3 Max. These are top reasons to buy a Zenfone 3 MAX.

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1. Design

The Zenfone 3 Max features a  touchscreen in a sandblasted full-metal, aluminium alloy body, which gives the shiny metallic finish. The back has a curving rear cover that feels natural to hold, it gives the phone a sleek look as well as proper grip while holding it. Over all they have inspired their design from Zenfone 3 Laser which is totally new to them in the market. After the launch of Zenfone 3 , they have worked a lot in design statement.

2. Battery


The device is equipped with a long-lasting 4100mAh lithium-polymer battery. It can also be used as a power bank for charging other phones. The Zenfone 3 MAX is one of the lightest and most compact smartphones out there with a large battery. The battery of Zenfone 3 Max on normal usage will easily last for more than 2 days and if you are a heavy user it will last you more than a day, all because of their best battery optimization in there UI.

3. Intelligent Power Modes

In order to optimise performance, Zenfone 3 Max have five selectable power modes such as performance mode, Normal mode, Power saving mode, Super Saving mode and Customised mode. These all mode can be switched as per our usage and as per your demand for the work you are doing on your phone. If you want to do some high intensive work as well do some multitasking just switch the device in performance mode and you are ready for all heavy power use with some great battery as well.

4. Camera

The camera is designed specifically for photography enthusiasts. That is why there are two versions of Zenfone 3 Max (5.5 inches & 5.2 inches) both the device feature 16MP and 13MP cameras respectively. The PixelMaster cameras deliver beautiful photos with zero shutter lag. The device also has 8MP (5.5 inches) and 5 MP (5.2 inches) front cameras for the selfies you take. Camera of both the phone capture some great images but sometime there is some noise in the images which need some additional software tweak to get best out of the same.

5. Camera Modes and Features

The device is packed with a powerful camera. The super resolution captures multiple shots simultaneously for a single photograph with stunning detail even in poor lighting. The 16MP camera of the Zenfone 3 Max (5.5 inches) features an advanced triple technology autofocus system. The device has an electronic image stabilisation (EIS) system counteract hand movements to ensure the resulting videos are stable. The best part of the camera mode in zenfone 3 Max is having a manual camera setting using which at least you can capture images as per your requirements.

6. Privacy and Security

In order to ensure the user’s security, Zenfone 3 Max has a fingerprint sensor that is on the rear panel. It can also be used for authentication by other apps and registers up to five separate fingerprints. The fingerprint can also recognise in any angle which means it has 360 degree recognition in there fingerprint.

7. Display

Zenfone 3 Max has a high-definition 5.2/5.5 inch LCD backlit display. The smartphone also features a ‘2.5D’ glass that gives the display sleek look. While watching movies and playing games display won’t disappoint you in any way. It has proper colors and some great viewing angles.

8. Performance

The device is equipped with a powerful processor and delivers an decent performance. It features a 3GB RAM, which delivers a greater receptiveness and higher graphics games. The internal memory of both variants is 32GB, the 5.5 inch is expandable to 128GB while the 5.2 inch to 32GB. Even after so much power the UI of the phone make it sometime laggy while on really heavy or aggressive usage. Rest if you can add some other Launcher it makes it way better.

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