Reliance Jio new Big Plan to offer 1Gbps broadband service in Cheaper Rates

Reliance Jio new Big Plan to offer 1Gbps broadband service

After the huge fuss that Reliance Jio created a month ago, it is back now with a new twist in the market. The company will be soon launching its Jio Broadband service. Which will have a network speed of 1Gbps. Although, there is no exact time period, when the service will launch commercially the company has already stated that, they are testing the wired broadband in some area across the country. So, we can guess that the fiber to the home service will soon officially launch to consumer.

FTTH (Fiber to the home):

The fiber to the home service is not an easy step, which reliance know. They had already laid down fiber optics cables in some major cities because the project was started years before. The company’s primary target is to make sure the customer gets up to 1Gbps internet speed from the wired broadband.

Some rumored reports also suggested that Jio was working on service like FTTH. And if it goes right, then we can enjoy FTTH service in coming six or eight months, which will surely give competition to company like Excitel, Spectranet, Hathway and etc.

With the connection, the consumer may get an Android based TV-box, which will also work as a WiFi router. It is rumored that it will connect 44 devices at one time. The TV-box will also have the Jio Tv service in which you can see up to 350 channel and 50 HD channel. The service can also save Tv content for 7 days, all the storage will be happening on Jio server.

Smart home:

Reliance is not only intent to launch FTTH service. They are moving toward to Internet of things, which will include smart home devices like motion sensor, security system, doorbells with camera and speaker, smoke detectors, fire detectors.

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