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Replace The Boring Mobile Dialer on Your Android Phone

The default Mobile Dialer on our android devices have long been ignored and it’s time we do something about that – yes, something fun, and something free. A whole bunch of the third party calling apps on Google Play are now offering fun apps that do well to innovate the boring dialer on your cell.

Now, of course, a random search on Google Play would probably end up giving you a thousand results but that shouldn’t spoil your spirit. Most of the apps are outdated or not entirely unique in its outlook whilst some will be too loud for humans, in general. This is where we come together and took a look on few of the most sensible dialer apps that are currently available.

If you are just looking to change the way calling appears then there are many apps that should be good enough but if you are looking to add functionality and improved calling service – then we have a short, tight list to offer that go a little beyond fine. This list has been made out of tried and tested methods along with the help of user reviews and recommendations online. And in the end of all of that, we had ourselves three pretty great apps that are truly worth the install.

1. TrueCaller

Replace The Boring Mobile Dialer on Your Android Phone 1

TrueCaller is quite the king of third-party apps with its strongest highlight being its functionality. First, it blocks spammed calls pretty accurately for you and also updates the names of unknown callers from its database into the call logs. Next, the tiny green dots on the interface are a symbol for you to know if the person is ready to take your call. The red dot implies a busy status or the DND mode itself. Through this app, you can also ask the person to call you back when they are free through a notification. The swiping gestures for quick calling or messaging are also pretty great. You could also choose a dark theme as per your preference.

This app regularly updates the user interface and adds new features rapidly. The only glitch here remains is the in-app ads that you could remove with sixty bucks but that is sort of rough as a monthly subscription. Even though, it could have been better if it was a one-time purchase model instead.

Download TrueCaller from Google Play (Free, with ads).

2. Drupe

Replace The Boring Mobile Dialer on Your Android Phone 2

If you are looking for a multi-functional dialer with an interesting interface then Drupe is the answer. This calling application allows you to drag contacts to frequently used modes of communication. So, to chat directly with a friend all you need to do is to drag the contact and drop it to say, the WhatsApp or Facebook messenger icon. Similarly, messages can be sent and received, reminders set while connecting with other apps too. It also has the built-in call recording add-on.

Also, for some reason, the dial pad comes with a built-in calculator. Quick access and actions are made to work through several special gestures that make the experience more fun. The appearance of the app can be modified within the theme store.

Download Drupe from Google Play (Free).

3. Hangouts Dialer

Replace The Boring Mobile Dialer on Your Android Phone 3

Remember Hangouts messaging? Yes, we do too. This app is an add-on to the Hangouts messaging service from Google that has faded out with time. You are probably wondering why we would recommend it in the first place. Well, the reason we thought we should bring this up is cause Hangouts gives you free calling to the US and Canada. See?

If you have folks out there, it would be great to have one of these safely installed on your device.

Download Hangouts dialer from Google Play (Free).

And that was that, guys! Feel free to drop by to recommend more Mobile Dialer apps that you enjoy using.

Amrita Chanda
Amrita Chanda
Amrita Chanda is yet another human in search of the light at the end of the tunnel. Writer by day, Humorist by virtue of being - Amrita, enjoys loud laughs and good pizza (on a loop). Drop by for some techniblogic you guys and life will never be the same.. Kidding. Life will probably still be the same but with better gadgets. Stay tuned.

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