Samsung to invest Rs 4195 crore in India

Samsung to invest Rs 4195 crore in India

Korean technology giant Samsung will be investing Rs 4195 crore in India by expanding there Noida Plant. They are going to start manufacturing of smartphones, refrigerators and flat panel televisions in it. For further expansion Samsung has full government support as their target is to manufacture 12 crore mobile phones a year.

“”We like Samsung because it does a very high level of value addition in India. Samsung does much more value addition than anyone else in India and therefore Samsung is a valuable company for India and we will fully support it with all our might to make India a global manufacturing hub,” said Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Ayog.

With the expansion of additional 35 acres of land coming is aiming to double the production capacity of both mobile phones and refrigerators which seems to be insane.

“Ten years ago in June 1997, we rolled out our first product from the Noida factory which was a television and today Samsung is the poster boy of Make in India. Every mobile phone or television that we sell here (India) is made in India. The world’s best smartphone Galaxy S8 Plus is made by Indians in Noida,” said HC Hong, President and CEO, Samsung Southwest Asia.

As samsung is the oldest in manufacturing stuff in India they are surely going to get the advantage when we compare it with their other competitors in the market like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo.

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