Samsung’s Largest Experience Store in India with 4D chair

Largest Experience Store in India with 4D chair

 Samsung India opened its first biggest high-class store in the country. Now Indian customers can experience a vast range of devices and innovative tech and services that make a ‘Connected Ecosystem’.

Samsung’s Largest Experience Store in India

The store located in South Extension, New Delhi. It is a high premium street marketplace of NCR. The store spread across 3,500 sq. ft. It is a huge place and a first of its kind experience for Samsung customer in India.

Devices like 4D chair, which give a real immersive Gear VR experience, should be experienced at least once. The hydraulics 4D chair has a mechanical mechanism that makes the chair move according to the video displayed on VR. It is the first store in the country to offer such experience.

Samsung’s Largest Experience Store in India

The Samsung exclusive store will have a device unboxing and set-up area, where we can personalize our setup. Consumers have to go there and set up their device, and they are ready to go ‘Walk to working’ (WoW). The store also has some exclusive services like pick up, drop up, operator zone and training workshops. Samsung tends to make the store a one-stop shop, where all the facilities will be available to the customer.

The latest device like Gear VR, Galaxy S7, S7 edge or note seven will also be available at this store exclusively. The all-new store is the best place for Samsung lover, go out their guys and check out some awesome stuff.

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