Secure you Home Network with Fingbox Network Monitor

Secure you Home Network with Fingbox

When it comes to the internet and how we can access the internet through our home network, the first thing that comes to our mind is to make our home network secure and identify variations in our internet performance or detection of anonymous devices. Fingbox is a device which is an evolution of Fing APP i.e the device uses Fing App in order to secure and troubleshoot your home network.

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Fingbox is the first network scanner or you can say that it is the only network scanner for iOS and Android.  It is just an another revolutionary technology that provides additional security and troubleshooting features for your home network.

How does Fingbox works?

Fingbox has been designed to be able to work with any home network configuration. Simply connect the Fingbox to your router using Ethernet and power cables provided. Download the fing app and connect to the WiFi at your home after the Fingbox is plugged in. Follow the steps on the app and in less than a minute fing will automatically find and identify all your devices.


  • Identify and block trespassers.
  • Block and allow the devices your kid use.
  • Monitor all devices on your network, including those essential to your home’s security.
  • Find out the device which is consuming the most broadband.
  • Alerts for new devices, intruders, device status, network status, family, and guests.
  • You can locate the fastest and slowest WiFi spots in your house.
  • Scanning of opened ports and password to identify risks of being hacked.
  • Web connection to devices like printers and IP cameras, from anywhere by mobile app.

Why should I buy it?

Secure you Home Network with Fingbox
Secure you Home Network with Fingbox

Fingbox is a smart device and that is generally used by people who love new technology and gadgets a lot. This device can also secure your home, while it’s being rented out to someone else. The device features a simple way to add parental control and security to your network. Which is great regarding security.

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The product is available on site for pre-order at an early bird price of 89$. It will probably be shipped by September’17. Grab it now to avail the special discount and keep your home safe.

Pre-Order Link

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