Secure your home with the Smart doorbell by dBell

Smart doorbell by dBell

Ever wished of a smart doorbell which will tell you who’s on your doorstep, and can open the door on your command without you needing to head downstairs from your fifth-floor apartment? Worry not because then new smart doorbell from Dbell will do something like that for you.

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Dbell HD live video doorbell allows answering the door from Smartphone and Mon/Rec from PC, Mac & TV. This smart device also enables you to see and interact with visitors from anywhere. It is the only video doorbell with the ability to schedule recording, save footage to your NVR, HDD and view your property on demand at any time without a smartphone. This amazing security solution is accessible and affordable for everyone. The reality is that there are many other brands such as dbell which are up to the task too.

How it works:

Dbell HD live combines the most desired features of a video doorbell and a home security system. This device is loaded with so many features in a small frame but still, this device is easy to install and has a one-touch setup.

When a visitor arrives, you will be alerted instantly if your motion alarm is on via The dbell™ app on your smartphone and tablet. It will also save a snapshot of the visitor and add it to the visitor log with date and time stamp. The device will also send an email with visitor’s photo and a 30-second recording clip of the visitors. If there is someone outside your door you will know about it, regardless of whether they want you to or not.


  • HD camera
  • Instant motion detection and alert enables interaction with visitors or intruders instantly.
  • E-mail sent to user with snapshot on Motion or Audio detection
  • Live viewing 24/7
  • Compatible with all major devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, PC, etc. You can even view dbell on tv.
  • Schedule recordings
  • It is also compatible with IP-based security products.
  • It has a night vision
  • Two-way audio allows both visitors and owner to communicate simultaneously
  • You can record to NVR, NAS, drive or Cloud.
  • The camera viewing angle(FOV) is 160° wide.

Why should you buy it?

Smart doorbell by dBell
Smart doorbell by dBell

Dbell is probably the smartest doorbell we have ever seen. This will ensure you’re always connected to your home and visitors and thus will always make you feel safe and protected wherever you are. You don’t need to reach your door to open it whenever someone rings the bell. Just use your smartphone to see who it is and open it. Also, it is very secure. If you feel that the person on your doorstep is a threat then you can alert the police immediately with this awesome doorbell. This device is a must have for your home and its safety.


Availability and pricing:

The shipping of this device has started in May 2017. You can buy this device on site at a starting price of just 229$. This device is worth its price as there are so many features packed into it.

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