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SHARGE: World Smallest 65W Laptop Charger


Nowadays, our whole life is dependent upon these smartphones and smart devices. To make these intelligent devices running, we continuously need to charge them, so chargers are basically one of the most important things we need in day to day life. Having multiple smart devices and their chargers, it must be a little uncomfortable to carry them while traveling. Here comes the one-stop solution for this problem.

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SHARGE is a revolutionary 65W GaN quick wall charger with 2 USB-C & 1 USB-A port. It’s a pocket-friendly device that can quickly charge your laptop or smart devices simultaneously.

How to use SHARGE?

SHARGE is easy to use, you have to open the folded electrical pin and put it into the socket. Then, you can connect your device with the USB cable. You can charge 3 devices simultaneously at once.

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If you live outside the USA, you will receive one free interchangeable plug with each SHARGE, based on the shipping destination. To use this, you have to fold back the US plug, slide in the international socket and securely clicks into place. You don’t have to worry as all buyers will get an option to add-on interchangeable plugs as part of the final shipping confirmation survey.

You will also be provided with a complimentary premium braided non-tangle USB-C Cable that can fulfil all of your USB-C charging needs. It has an integrated eMark chip that means it can charge anything whether it be your wireless headphone or MacBook Pro.

SHARGE Features

SHARGE: World Smallest 65W 3-Port Laptop & USB Wall Charger
SHARGE: World Smallest 65W 3-Port Laptop & USB Wall Charger

  • It’s a palm-size and pocket-friendly device.
  • It’s a 65W powerful and Qualcomm quick charger that can quickly charge your devices.
  • It has 3 ports-2 USB-C & 1 USB-A port.
  • It is compatible with virtually every laptop, tablet, smartphone, and smart device.
  • You can simultaneously charge 3 devices at a time.
  • It has fold-in electrical pins for optimal compactness and convenience.
  • It has Smart Power Splitting (SPS) technology, which determines how much power to feed to each device attached.
  • It is made up of Gallium Nitride, which is more efficient than silicon made power adapters.
  • An internal chipset design protects your devices from a short circuit, and also provides over-temperature protection.
  • It has a fireproof casing and has passed all required certifications (FCC, ETL, DoE, CEC, etc.).

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Why should we buy SHARGE?

We all know that it’s inconvenient to carry separate bulky chargers for all your devices. But now, you don’t have to take another wall charger for your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or devices again as SHARGE can charge three devices at the same time. Further, it is the world’s smallest and lightest 3-port 65W quick charger that can quickly charge your devices. It is a compact and pocket-friendly device that means you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.


You can buy this 3-port quick wall charger at $49 from Kickstarter.com.

Click here for more details.

Disclaimer: We have not tested this gadget personally, please research about the company and its policies before buying this product.

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